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  • Looking for information on the anime Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice)? Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. As a wild youth, elementary school student Shouya Ishida sought to beat boredom in the cruelest ways.
Arabic[Anime Land] Koe no Katachi [BD]Ezio_O
Arabic[Assassin'S Sub] Koe no Katachi [1080p 10-bit]Ezio_O
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Comment by savonce

dis anime changed my way about life

Comment by ENMAhealer

This Movie is sad when the girl gets bullied :(

Comment by AnimeNewbie

only true weebs know the pain behind this song😔

Comment by shining_mha_lovr

I love this movie

Comment by YOUNGWEEB444

Just finished😔😭

Comment by laylah

@xxanime-gamerxx if someone can leave ur mifd that easy its a good thing then left :)

Comment by Makayla Colley

@rania-syafiqah exactly i feel so empty after watching this movie it has such a powerful and emotional meaning behind it

Comment by •whencani Changemyname•

@xxanime-gamerxx If she cant accpet you for who you are shes not a real friend. You are amazing and valid in everyway dont let any one tell you otherwise❤️

Comment by Kid_Thupten353

@flatjack16 lmao tf

Comment by Cornelia Nastas

@xxanime-gamerxx you dont have to blame yourself for what you are,ur perfect just like u are if she left u bc if that shes not worthy,i apreciatte u even though i dont know u but i love you remember that❤️

Comment by zytero ✭ (@zytero)

@jabed-ahmad-ariq stfu bum

Comment by flatjack16


Comment by flatjack16

( *^-^)ρ(*╯^╰)

Comment by peachy

Every time my life is bad and i just want to cry i liston to this and i cry. im crying now cuz this girl who was my friend dose not suport that im gay. She says its not ok and stuff. idk what to do. she left me cuz of that.


This song better be playing at my funeral

Comment by traps not gay

A Silent Voice Anime Online

A silent voice anime download torrent

When she Signed goodbye indsted of see ya 😭

Comment by traps not gay

Pain all i know is pain

Comment by AUMIsh Donkey

Auto tune 81 download. @random-channel-36137976: mood

Comment by 💖Soul💖


Comment by AUMIsh Donkey

This movie made me hate fireworks. And it also made me cry.

Comment by peachy

A Silent Voice Anime Download

Am i crying during online school? Yes

Comment by janette_hin75

Kyoani really did a good job in this, they don't only make anime for entainment purpose, they convey message and touch our souls

Comment by User 328197758


Comment by User 328197758


Comment by liluwuzivert

A Silent Voice Anime Movie

@user-5094890 this is a good blunt man *snif* AUGHE

Comment by SweetyQ21

@user-840765270: *snff* Thank god, fo ma reefa maan, dat shit gooooooo KUH KUH

A Silent Voice Anime Download Pc

Comment by liluwuzivert

@user-5094890 *snif* HEUGHB

Comment by SweetyQ21

*Black man crying*

Comment by Louis Sellers

is it weird i didnt cry to this

Comment by Izuku Uchiha

im trying not to cry rn

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