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Download Soundbytes BagPipes VST 1.1 from our software library for free. The actual developer of the program is Andreas Sumerauer. Soundbytes BagPipes VST lies within Multimedia Tools, more precisely Editors & Converters. This PC program works fine with 32-bit versions of Windows XP/7/8/10. BagPipes - introduction: SOUND BYTES Bag Pipes download purchase first steps: The Soundbytes BagPipes is a sample based VST plugin instrument for the windows platform. Its elaborately crafted control engine makes it easy to play authentic sounding bagpipe styles and techniques. Soundbytes BagPipes VST. This program is a sample based VST plugin instrument for the windows platform. With Soundbytes BagPipes you can play authentic parts with convincingly sounding ornaments, cuts, taps and staccato runs. The program is specially designed for the pipe filter that adds yet another layer of realism to vibrato.

The largest bagpipes library

  • A library of 15 bagpipes
  • Natural tuning of every bagpipe
  • Genuine drones start
  • Chanters and drones recorded note by note
  • Extended two octaves range for every bagpipe


  • Play in any key
  • Practice quietly but with a real sound
  • Amazing effects


  • Build your own bagpipe
  • VST and Audio Unit Plugin with automation
  • Advanced midi setup

Listen to Universal Piper

Demonstration realized with Universal Piper and a MIDI GHB practice.

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OSX: Application, Audio Unit and VST Universal Binary
Version 4.0.2 28/01/18

Free Online Bagpipe Music

Windows: Application and VST 32 and 64 bit
Version 4.0.2 28/01/18

PURCHASE Universal Piper on Windows and OSX

One licence unlocks two different personal computer installations; as well as using every sound libraries on IOS.

Universal Piper also available on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

2 GHB, one Uillean Pipe and a Gaïta
All functions except audio recorder

2 GHB, one Uillean Pipe and one Gaïta
Bagpipe Lab light version


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