Cms 2000 Dvr Software Download

CMS is acronym of central monitoring station or central monitoring software. CMS software provides a centralized monitoring solution, allowing users to manage all video surveillance devices from one computer. Today our editor highly recommends you a most popular CMS software which offers robust functions, while have a great compatibility.

#1 Download 64CH DVR/NVR/IPC CMS Software

Software Description: Hikvision DVR Menu Simulator. BIM Files of Analog Cameras. Software Description: Autodesk Revit is building information modeling (BIM) software for architects, structural engineers, designers and contractors developed by Autodesk. It helps users to plan, design, construct and maintain buildings with better quality.

Download LinkCms 2000 dvr software download
  • Windows OS: (released on July, 2018)
  • Mac OS: no software for Mac OS computers

License Free 64CH Video Surveillance Capability

This top rated software can support maximum 64 channel video management. Unlike those commercial VMS software, you don’t need to pay the license fee. You can use this software freely forever, there is no license registration is required.

H.264, H.265/HEVC video compression

/macromedia-flash-8-serial-key-number/. The new CMS software has build-in H.264/AVI and H.265/HEVC decode algorithm can support both conventional H.264 and the latest H.265 video streams. No matter you’re using H.264 DVR or H.265 NVR, it can display the video and let you manage. We are so proud to claim this is the first CMS software can support H.265 DVR products in the world.


Unlike VMS software, this CMS is compatible with both digital and analog video surveillance devices. It can work with your DVRs/NVRs/IP Cameras. The supporting devices including H.264 DVR, AHD/TVI/CVI DVRs, H.265 DVRs, NVRs, IP Cameras. Most importantly, the software can accept video signals from cross different devices at a time. For instance, you can use the CMS to manage both AHD/TVI DVRs and IP Cameras.

Compatible Hikvision/Dahua/XM/ONVIF

The CMS software has embedded with different protocols to work with devices from diversity brands such as HIkvision, Dahua, XM, or any ONVIF compliant products from other manufacturers in the world. For instance, Hikvision iVMS4200/4500 software can not support third-party’s cameras, so many users can not use this software to manage Hikvision cameras and Dahua cameras simultaneously from the same PC. Now using this CMS software you can achieve video monitoring for cameras/DVRs from Hikvision, Dahua, XM, or other manufacturers like BOSCH, Vivotek, Honeywell, Yoosee.

Compatible with Windows XP/7/8/10 OS

The software is designed for working under all Windows OS PCs. It’s compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (32/64bit) OS. Installation and operating the software doesn’t require extra external library or extension. After complete installation, you’re able to choose software UI language. The software can support Arabic, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Czech, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Poland, Portugal, Romanian, Russian, Simple-Chinese, Spanish, Suomi, Thai, Traditional-Chinese, Turkish languages.

#2 How to install/use this software?

Login the software with default 'Super' user, no need to input password. After logon, you are able to modify account and assign permission. The next, the software will allow you to select software UI language, please choose your preferred language. The next, you need to add devices to the CMS.

On the right bottom of CMS software, you can find main menu, click main menu will reveal sub-menu items. Click 'PTZ' will reveal PTZ control buttons, and Preset function buttons. Click 'Color' will reveal video image parameter settings, you can change image brightness, contrast, saturation, white balance. Click 'System' will reveal system config menu including 'Device Manager, Local Config, Remote Config, Account, Local Log'. To add devices to CMS, we need to click 'Device Manager' from its sub-menu list.

Cms 2000 Dvr software, free download

The next, software will pop-up device manager window, select area where we need to add the device, then click 'add device'. It will pop-up 'Edit' window. Now we can search local devices then add them to the software. For DVRs, just hit 'IP Search' button to start to search the connected DVRs in local network. If you wish to add IP cameras or NVRs, you just need to tick 'Onvif Search' before click 'IP Search'. In addition to automatic searching, you can manually add devices as long as you know your device's IP address/domain, port number, as well as account information.

Cms 2000 Software For Cameras

  • IP Address: IPv4 address of your DVRs/NVRs/IPCs
  • ARSP: using DVR's built-in DNS server to establish Internet connection. For example, you can input to enable ARSP function.
  • Domain: domain or DDNS of your devices
  • Cloud: using CloudID to connect devices in WAN/Internet
  • IPv6: IPv6 address of your video monitoring devices
  • Vendor: H.264 DVR (Xiongmai DVR), Hikvision, Dahua, Huanghe, ONVIF
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Cms 2000 Dvr Software Download Software

DVR,XVR & NVR MODELSupported Mobile APPCMS NameCMS Download
IBIS XVR 4, 8 & 16 CHXVR Procms 3Download
S-32NV-2HDD-265(new IBIS Model NVR)Xmeyecms touch panelDownload
S-16NV-1HD-265(new IBIS Model NVR)Xmeyecms touch panelDownload
SIP-1S-2HD-8(new IBIS Model NVR)Xmeyecms touch panelDownload
Pro Series Ip cameraveyecms2.0Download
IBIS IP CameraSeetongUCDownload
S-16NV-2HD-5HNSecureye RMS Goldcms2.0Download
S-16NV-1HD-265(GOLD SERIES Model NVR)Secureye RMS Goldcms2.0Download
S-32C2S-4M(OLD MODEL GOLD SERIES XVR Check on IP Mode)Secureye RMS Goldcms2.0Download
S-16C2S-2M (OLD MODEL GOLD SERIES XVR Check on IP Mode)Secureye RMS Goldcms2.0Download
S-2H8C-1080PSecureye RMS Goldcms2.0Download
S-1H8C-1080NSecureye RMS Goldcms2.0Download
New Falcon series WIFI Camerassecureye falconPC NVRDownload
Falcon ALL Model XVR & NVR & IP CameraSecureye CMS 2.0Download
NEW 16 Video & 16 AudioNeye 3Ccms2000Download
VR NVRIP Pro 3SecureyeDownload
4ch & 8ch WIFI KitIP Pro 3SecureyeDownload
VR Camera 1.3 MP & 3 MPIP Pro 3SecureyeDownload
SIP-9S-4KHD-64AEEYE 2.0AEEyeDownload
SIP-4HDF-32-265(32 CH NVR)AEEYE 2.0AEEyeDownload
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