Contoh Soal Tes Toeic Dan Jawabannya Pdf

  1. Contoh Soal Tes Toeic Dan Jawabannya Pdf Tentang

Contoh Soal dan Jawaban Tes Intelegensi Umum (TIU) Berikut adalah contoh soal beserta jawaban dan pembahasannya yang saya kumpulkan dari berbagai sumber. Hehe.jika ada kesalahan mohon koreksinya, saya juga sedang belajar.semoga bisa lolos, dan jadi PNS yang baik ehehehe:) Kemampuan Verbal Sinonim/Persamaan Kata 1. Akurat: saksama 2. Download Kumpulan Soal Psikotes dan Jawabannya Pdf. File download kumpulan soal psikotes dan jawabannya pdf ini merupakan penjelasan dan pembahasan dari setiap latihan psikotes yang dimuat pada blog Untuk mengerjakan berbagai latihan soal psikotes online tersebut, kamu bisa masuk ke daftar psikotes online. Contoh Soal Test TOEIC Terkomplit - Mengikuti test Toeic yakni satu cara untuk mengetahui kemampuan berkomunikasi dengan bahasa Inggris. Bagi banyak orang test ini tidak mengecewakan susah, sebab itu aku akan mengembangkan beberapa soal sekaligus untuk contoh soal toeic yang sanggup dijadikan materi mencar ilmu untuk kita tiruana.

Reading section
1. Because the equipment is very delicate, it must be handled with....
b. careful
d carefully
2. if the client...dissatisfied, please have him write a letter
b. is
d . be
3, my acquaintance with Mr.broughton started as a bussiness relathionship and be came a ....
b. friendly
d. friendship
4. the train will be arriving... Tokyo in ten minutes.
b. in
d. at
5. the meeting was postponed because the typists weren't able to get the time
b. done
d. does

Contoh Soal Tes Toeic Dan Jawabannya Pdf Tentang

6. If the receptionists is unable to answer yout question, Ms. Takai you
a. can
b. did
c. couldn't
d. wouldn't
TesContoh Soal Tes Toeic Dan Jawabannya Pdf
7. we rely on Ms. Lee for her exprience, sensitivy and ...advice
b. wiesely
d. wiser
8. Mr. Moore expects to ....about 20.000 dollar next year
b. earn
d. Income
9. The secretary asked a clerk to check the report for typing
b. errs
d. errant
10. Mr. Kim is considered one the most honest... most hardworking members of the finance team.
b. or
d. with
11. the retirement luncheon has been changed from 12.00 .... 12.45
b. to
d. by
12. the president of the company.... to korea for an important conference
b. gone
d. go
13. since Mr. Hasan attends afternnon classes. he ... the night shift
b. will always be working
d. always will be working
14. The copy machine has benn installed... the two offices
b. around
d. from
15. The student intern needs permission to take time off for a ... interview.
b. worker
d. chore
16. The empolyees at the factory eat lunch at the cafeteria at least...
b. sometimes
d. twice a week
17. Employess must turn off the lights...they leave the office
b. before
d. because
18.... it was the office manager's birthday. the secretaries sent her roses
b. eventhought
d. while
19. Employess of the KICI corporation are encouraged to do exercises...during their breaks.
b. every day
d. day by day
20. the opretor was not be able to find the address...telephone number.
b. although
d. eventhough

Kunci Jawaban
1. pada nomor 1 terdapat kata 'delicate' lembut dan be handled with .. pasti saja ini soal meaning . mengartikan jawabannya adalah C. care
2. b. is
3. d. friendship
4. b. in
5. b. done
6. a. can
7. a. wisdom
8. b. earn
9. a. errands
10. b. to
11. b. to
12. a. went
13. b. will always be working
14. d. from
15. c. golf
16. d. twice a week
17. b. before
18. d. while
19. a. oftentimes
20. a. or
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