Create Iso From Vhd

Disk2vhd. SERVER Share disk.vhd. There are a few caveats to using this utility, though. The first one is the Windows signature. Windows writes a signature to each disk that allows Windows to identify the disks. This means that you cannot mount the VHD on the same computer as the one it was converted from.

Convert-WindowsImage.ps1 is a very popular method to create VHD’s with. However it’s not a module, and in it’s current form cant be added to one.

So I have started a new project on GitHub called WindowsImageTools and posted the results to the PowerShell Gallery.

Create Iso From Vhd File

It has a few functions so far. Convert-Wim2Vhd, to do the work, and New-UnattendXml because it hate having to edit XML to make minor changes. The resulting XML is universal in that it works on both 32 and 64 bit and will do a silent install (currently on Volume Media only). Then it auto-logs on the Admin and run a PowerShell script to kick off what ever you need bootstrapped (like DSC)

Convert Iso To Vhd


Create Bootable Iso From Vhd

To find out more. take look at the details over on my blog about WindowImageTools (and Yaks) or the GitHub repo

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