Dcx2496 Remote Software

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Behringer Dcx2496 Remote Software

Editor Software V1.16 Remote Software V1.16a. This manual was created to facilitate better understanding of how the DCX2496 remote software works when used with multiple units. It will help answer questions about synchronization, link modes and remote software handling. DCX.Client: Network remote control app for your Behringer DCX2496 device. Adjust easily the inputs and outputs via your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. ESP32 based WIFI remote controller for the Behringer Ultradrive Pro / DCX2496. I take no responsibility if you destroy your sound system using this. . The software DCX.Server (for a MS-Windows PC with USB-RS232 interface) or the DCX.NC controller (stand-alone LAN Network receiver for the DCX2496). Note: Download the free trial of the DCX.Server from here: stute-engineering.de.

I have been recently prototyping a wifi remote controller for the Behringer Ultradrive DCX2496. The original PC software is only available for Windows and requires a RS232 serial port. Serial ports are not found in most new laptops. The parts for this project cost around the same as you would pay for a cheap usb to serial port adapter. Any device with a wifi and a browser can be used as the controller.

The project is built on top of a cheap microcontroller (ESP32). The device communicates with DCX2496 using the RS232 port and acts as wifi access point and a web server. It can be also made available in an existing wifi network but currently there is no access control other than the wifi access point password. The only external requirement is the 5V power source.


The user interface is a browser based html application. You can try out a demo of the control panel here: http://duinodcx.herokuapp.com/. The page is not connected to a real device so feel free to play around. The settings will no be persisted or synced. To edit the settings you need to unlock the controls first.

Dcx2496 remote editor software download

When connected to a real device the changes are synced both ways. That means changes made directly to the Ultradrive are also synced back to the browser app. You can also keep multiple browser sessions open and updates will appear in all of them.

Behringer Dcx2496 Remote Software Download

The whole project is released under the MIT licence so you can do pretty much whatever you want with it. All ideas, feature requests and code contributions are welcome.

Dcx2496 Remote Editor Software

Please understand that it’s an early prototype and a hobby project and there is no official support. I have not actually used it in a live situation and in total it has been so far tested with 3 devices that all have the v1.17 firmware. It has not been tested with the latest revision of the DCX2496. It’s also really easy change the settings a lot by accident. One misclick and your system is done.

Behringer Dcx2496 Remote Software

Behringer dcx2496 remote software downloadThe source code for the project and some additional info can be found here:

Dcx2496 Remote Editor Software Download


Dcx2496 Remote Software Download

. The repository also includes the latest build that you can upload using the Arduino IDE.
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