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Kaspersky serial دوست عزیز ناشناس به تاریخ 1395/09/05 این اصلا کرک نیست. این تریال ریست هست. کارش اینه که تایم برنامه رو صفر میکنه. دانلود DiskGetor Data Recovery 3.58 Portable DiskGetor Data Recovery 3.58 + Portable.


DiskGetor Data Recovery is powerful Hard drive Data Recovery Software help you solve the data security problems. It can recover deleted, lost, damaged and formatted data from hard drive or partition. Even if you have written new data into that hard drive or partition, DiskGetor Data Recovery still find its directory tree from hard drive.

Recover data from formatted , lost , damaged hard drive or partition, Ghost hard drive
Recover files ( word ,excel ,ppt, office document, video zip, photo files etc ) from hard drive,FAT /NTFS partition, usb , card etc external drive.
DiskGetor Data Recovery can recover partition table when it was damaged or recover lost data from computer errors , Support USB recovery and other disk recovery .

1 : Super undelete algorithm.
It can perfectly recover deleted files by the order of ‘Shift+Del’ in FAT32, and those damaged files which were restored by other softwares. If new files with same names overwrite the former ones, this software would recover the files in remaining disk space by scanning the file headers, to recover data as much as possible
2: Super unformat algorithm.
While scanning the formatted disk partition, it would scan the catalog file in FAT/FAT32, NTFS and exFAT at the same time, and restore the directory structure automatically, without formatting the disk into original type.
3: Super partition table scan recovery algorithm.
For disks with damaged partition table, unpartitioned or repartitioned, it can scan their partition information thoroughly just in a few minutes, list all partition and restore them. Those scanned can be distinguished with current normal partition by highlighted in blue bold letters. The speedy algorithm can scan MBR and GPT partition table simultaneously, to save your a lot of time.
4: Super FAT catalog restructuring algorithm.
Fragmentation creates while recover the FAT or FAT32 if there were plenty of files. With the excellent function of FAT catalog restructuring, each catalog can be recover right into the original position, and it can provide you superb recovery of the catalog layers.

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5 . Super recover by according-to-type algorithm.
For the data with damaged file name (because the name and the body of one file are stored separately in disk file system, the name maybe damaged by overwriting but the body intact), by scanning according to the file headers, it would recover the files which were not overwritten and rename intelligently, for example, to extract the author information as the new file name, easy and clear!
6 :To recover special files according to different types.
It is fully compatible with Office2007, and can recover data into formats such as XLSX/PPTX/DOCX. RAW files can be recover into NEF or CR2.
7 : Recovery of For the NTFS which was destroyed by virus.
For those FILEnnnn.CHK files, it can recognise the original extension, and recover the damaged or missing catalog, with perfect file names.
8 : Recovery of *.CHK files created after running CHKDSK.
the system would promote the disk is unformatted or the root directory is corrupted and unreadably while trying to open. Its special function can list the root directory and recover data completely.
9 : Function of intelligent file-analyzing.
If files overlap when being recovered according to headers, this software can remove those repeated automatically to save space.
10 : Custom restoration.
This software has new function of custom restoration by file headers, to set your own headers based on features of different file types (Suitable for professionals). In the case of damaged file names, this unique function can scan and recover the date.
11 : Optimized function for RAW restoration.
For those unexpectedly turned into RAW and the system promotes unformatted, there is specialized restoration algorithm, to figure out the catalog in seconds.
12 : New function: rapid recover of formatted partition( ingenious!).
If the damage of formatted partition is not too serious to repair, it can list those catalog and files rapidly, and this function would become the highlight when TeraByte has been a normal measure for data restoration.


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Diskgetor data recovery 3.58 serial keys

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