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Hey fellas, how are you all doing? I've been lead here by a friend/contact from FFshrine and really liked what I saw, great community here it seems. I've been a fan of naruto and anime and such for a while, and have looked into extracting the audio files from the game(s) I decided with little to no knowledge on what I am doing to give it a go.
Firstly, I used NoesisDownload File Fix Ninja Strom 4 and CriPakTools to get where I'm at now and it seems I've hit a bump in the road. 1st screenshot details me taking the 'sound.cpk' from the game dir where it's installed.
Next, the second one is where I used
Download File Fix Ninja Strom 41-EXTRACT_ALL(no_decompression) to extract the files which gives me and leads you to screenshot 3. It created a data folder which shows all of the end result in the upcoming screenshots.

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Screenshot 3 shows the result of the extraction and screenshot 4 in the JP folder shows a bunch of XFBIN and ACB files which is where I am stuck at. I am wondering if these files are the ones holding the voice files or other files that pertain to audio? Or am I completely going down the wrong trail in terms of extracting these files? If anyone would be interested in helping me or attempting to figure it out with me, it is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and for participating in my first thread.

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UPDATE!: So I lost everything on my pc due to destroying the partition and starting everything over but GOOD NEWS. I was tackling the same thing with Storm Revolution and finally got past this issue, I was able to convert the xfbin (only one at a time unfortunately) and make them .nub files using a tool I found on here from daemon1 called naru_nub'.

Ninja Storm 4 Download

I will continue working on it for all the community! Also Here are sample files thanks to MarioSonicU for pointing that out

Download File Fix Ninja Strom 400 .. hak_pl.nub .. k_pl.xfbin
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