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From the CD copy the folders MISSIONS, MOVIES and MUSIC to DUNE Data. Edit the file DUNE RESOURCE.CFG and change it accordingly: data data movies data music data missions data maps 4. Install the Unofficial 1.06p patch and the Dune 2000 Config tool. Use the Configuration Tool to set your desired resolution. Dune 2000 is a Strategy game from Westwood Studios published in 1998 and is free for download. Sometimes it should be run on an older Windows version or at least. Dune 2000 Dune2k. STEAM GROUP Dune 2000 Dune2k. Overview Announcements Discussions Events. To run Dune 2000 on Windows 10. (Dune 2000: Long Live the Fighters!) Yes, there is such a problem. The solutions are not found.

Author: N.Kindt, D2K Sardaukar and MVI
Please read the readme files carefully, and also the notes below.

The patch is finally ready, and the bugs like crashes in starport menu are gone now. You can finally play Dune 2000 in hi-res, which makes selecting units and pending to the map a lot easier. Please note: in order to get both the sub-houses fix and the mission select mod working with the script, you should install both BEFORE you apply the high-res patch. It is also advised (according to the readme) to install the patch on a fresh copy of Dune 2000, without old hi-res patches or unfinished mods. The vanilla (original CD) version of Dune 2000 and the patched-for-multiplayer version (with Windows 7 fixes & IPX fixes) are supported. As of 1.4.0 there is also support for undoing the patch.


Update: 1.4.1 is now available, which adds acceptable 8-bit support.

Editor Note: Please note that this does not work with the CnCNet patch or the GruntMods Edition, as they use a newer incompatible version of the patching framework, which includes a newer version of the High Resolution patch that works with online multiplayer.

Dune 2000 For Windows 10

Dune 2000 is a Windows 95/98 game from 1998. It is a partial remake of Dune II, but it has a very much improved control set and of course improved graphics. If you own the original CD of the game, it should install and run fine on a 32 bit version of Windows. If you have a 64 bit operating system, you will have a hard time installing the game, as the installer is a 16 bit program. However, there's a way to install and play the game from CD, you can find instructions here.

Below you find another solution to play the original game on 64 bits Windows computers. There are also some alternatives for the latest Windows operating systems which also allow you to play the game in high resolution:

Play the original Dune 2000 on 64 bit Windows systems

So, what to do to make Dune 2000 work on a 64 bit version of Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista or XP, the easy way?

  • Download Dune 2000 here
  • Copy the contents from the downloaded zip file to a folder of choice, for example c:Games. You'll end up with c:GamesDune 2000.
  • When running Dune 2000 on Windows 10 or Windows 8, it could happen that Direct Play hasn't been installed. Dune 2000 needs this to function properly. To install/enable Direct Play follow these steps:
    • Make sure DirectX is installed
    • Press Windows key and X
    • Choose Programs and Features or press F
    • On the left, click on Turn Windows features on or off
    • Look for Legacy components, double click it or press the plus sign to see all components
    • Check the Direct Play checkbox and click Ok
  • Make sure you run the game in compatibility mode:
    • Navigate to the Dune 2000 folder, in this example c:GamesDune 2000
    • Right click the DUNE2000.EXE file
    • Select Properties
    • Click the Compatibility tab
    • Tick the checkbox at Run this program in compatibility mode for: and select Windows 95
    • Click on Ok
  • Start the game by double clicking the DUNE2000.EXE file


The downloaded copy of the game does not include the cutscene files. To enable the video files do the following:

  • Copy the MOVIES folder from the original Dune 2000 CD into the Dune 2000 folder. In our example, you'll end up with c:GamesDune 2000MOVIES.
  • Follow the steps above and start the game by double clicking the DUNE2000.EXE file
  • To watch the introduction video, click the Intro and Sneak Peek button in the main menu

Dune 2000 on VirtualBox and Windows XP

To play Dune 2000 on 64 bit operating systems, it is also possible to use VirtualBox with a 32 bit version of Windows XP. Please make sure that you also install the VirtualBox Guest Additions, otherwise Dune 2000 won't work properly. However, when you do have Dune 2000 running in Virtual Box, sound is not optimal, and the window resolution is low.

Dune 2000 Pc Game Windows 10

Dune 2000 on Windows 7 with XP Mode

Dune 2000 will install fine in Windows 7 XP Mode, it won't start however, because the emulated S3 video card does not support the required video modes.

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