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eD2k links are a special link format which allow adding a download directly to eMule. These links allow webmasters to offer eMule downloads directly from their web pages and make it very easy to exchange downloads in the network. A great place to look for such links is the eMule Content DB

This includes eMule extensions over original ed2k protocol. AMule supports all wxWidgets flavours from 2.4.2 to the brand new 2.6.0. The recomended version is, however, wxWidgets 2.6.0. Ed2k links allow the file to be identified in a browser and transferred to eMule, eDonkey2000 or other compatible software. But since eDonkey2000 is not available for Mac OS X hence ed2k link URL are simply gets ignored. To make Mac users life simpler here is freeware ed2k helper.

eMule supports very sophisticated means of generating and using such links.

Basic eD2k Links
ed2k:// file <file name> <file size> <file hash> /
The most basic form of an eD2k link containing only the necessary file descriptions like name, size and hash
eD2k Links with hash set
ed2k:// file <file name> <file size> <file hash> p=<hash set> /
The complete hash set in the files ensure that this is always correct and helps spreading new and rare files.
eD2k links with source
ed2k:// file <file name> <file size> <file hash > / sources,<IP:port> /
Adds one or multiple already known eMule sources in the format <IP:port> to the link, providing instant sources for the download.
eD2k link with host
ed2k:// file <file name> <file size> <file hash > / sources,<host name:port> /
Same as the link with sources but instead of using the IP it uses a host name. Offers more flexibility especially with changing IPs. A host name must be set in Preferences -> Extended Settings -> Hostname for own eD2k links
eD2k link in HTML
<a href='ed2k:// file <file name> <file size> <file hash > /'>displayed name on the web page</a>
Easy way to create a link already pepared for displaying it on a web page
eD2k link with HTTP sources
ed2k:// file <file name> <file size> <file hash> s=http://anyweb.net/filename /
eMule is also capable of downloading directly from web sources. A very useful and convenient format for web masters. See the Link Creator in the next paragraph for more information.
eD2k link with Root Hash
ed2k:// file <file name> <file size> <file hash> h=<Root Hash> /
The Root Hash links allows advanced error correction and check methods by supplying a trusted value for AICH. Read this for mor information on AICH and Root Hash.

Creating links in eMule
In eMule it is very easy to generate each eD2k link except for the HTTP links.
Select any download in your list and press the right mouse button:

Emule For Mac Catalina Patcher

The Shared Files main window offers even more possibilities for completed files:

The Link Creator
Web masters releasing popular software often face the problem of congested mirrors and immense traffic upon a new release. Offering web download sources and eD2k in the same link can greatly help in this situation. It offers a convenient way for the users to add the download to eMule as the download manager, spreading the file in the network and providing great download speeds through the HTTP servers.
The Link Creator is an easy to use tool to quickly generate such links.

Emule Para Mac Catalina

Emule For Mac Catalina

Emule For Mac Os Catalina

Just enter the file to calculate the hash value for and generate the link. Optionally HTTP web sources may be added. Use the Remove button to remove a selected HTTP source or the Clear button to remove them all.
It is recommened to add the hash set also as this improves the reliability of the download. Pressing the Start button generates the link.

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