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  1. Ethiopian Amharic Fiction Books Free Download
  2. Ethiopian Amharic Books Free Download Free
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Ethiopian Grade 7 Textbook for Students Download [PDF]: These books are for all schools in Ethiopia. It is provided for free by the Ministry of Education Ethiopia. All of the Ethiopian Grade 7 Student Textbooks are based on the new Curriculum Framework.

According to the new Curriculum Framework for primary education (Grades 7), all textbooks have been prepared considering international best practices. The principles will serve as guides in the subsequent development of curriculum materials across all grade levels.

Ethiopian Amharic Fiction Books Free Download


Ethiopian Grade 7 Students Textbook

Subjects offered at the Primary education level Learning areas are broad groupings of knowledge and skills. In the primary curriculum, there are five such areas: aesthetics, languages, mathematics, natural sciences and social sciences.

The Goals of Primary Education are:

  •  to provide basic education, which is appropriate to the physical and cognitive development of the learners;
  •  to acquaint the learners with the production and service giving activities within their immediate environment;
  •  To provide general education that prepares the learners for further education and training and for the world of work; by equipping them with basic knowledge, skills and abilities and attitudes.

Download Ethiopian Grade 7 Textbook [PDF]

The list of subjects is part of Grade 7. Students who do not have the textbook can download it from here.

Ethiopian Amharic Books Free Download Free

  1. Civics and Ethical Education
  2. Mother Tongue
  3. Visual Arts and Music
  4. Amharic
  5. Physical Education
  6. English
  7. Mathematics
  8. Biology
  9. Chemistry
  10. Physics
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