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For This GTA V android mod You need to download GTA SA v1.0.8 APK+DATA from below link.

  1. Install the apk Normaly
  2. Unpack the zip file and put the data folder(com.rockstargames.gtasa)
  3. in to your internal storage Android/obb/here
  4. Note: (if you Already hav the GTA SA working APK+DATA then skip the Step 1)

All Of You Know Very Well About Grand Theft Auto Five: Visa 2 Most Populer Mod Of All Time For Gta San Andreas Android. It Explore Lots Of Gta Features In It Included Textures,Weapons,Charactors,Graphics,Vehicles Its So Famous Because It Look Likes Real Gta 5 & You Can Experience Its Improved Street Teaxtures. In 2013 Grand Theft Auto V ( GTA 5 ) not only comes with PlayStation or For PC But also For Mobile Device like Android. However, Now we will talk about how to install the GTA 5 apk for android. Download GTA 5 apk + SD Data For Android. 2 files for GTA 5 for Android; 1 is The GTA 5 APK file ( 14.6 MB).

One of the most famous mod pack for GTA San Andreas Android is back! VISA 2 v1.4 Final!
VISA or V In San Andreas is a total conversion mod for GTA San Andreas Android. The maker of this mod are “Jerad Skull and many other modders”. This is the final version of VISA mod. There are many new vehicles(many vehicles are from GTA V), there are new weapons, new textures, lots of CLEO mods and much more!!!

Whats New?

Gta 5 For Android Ios

  1. Added New Vehicles
  2. Kuruma->Armored Kuruma
  3. Added Railgun, hominglauncher, hatchet
  4. Added copyright text
  5. Vehicle lights now get xenon lights
  6. GTA V Pickup Items(healthkit, armour, money)
  7. Balanced weapon stats
  8. Improved Graphics
  9. Vehicle Xenon Light
  10. Improved Weapon Hud texture
  11. Improved Sniper Scope
  12. Improved Player Animation
  13. Improved Road Textures
  14. Fixed Some vehicle names
  15. Fixed Hammer icon in weapon hud
  16. Fixed Various bugs
  17. Hud color bonus file now support 1.03 and 1.05
  18. Game button changed
  19. New loading screen

Step II:
Download this mod in parts: (from mediafire)

GTA V Android VISA 10

GTA V Android Visa 3
Step III:

Creat a Folder in your Android or pc
Now put the 4 visa 2 file into that folder
now extract the file number 4 ( into the created folder
the you get 4 files like in below screen shot
go to VISApatchFile/PATCH_FILE/ you see a folder named (com.rockstargames.gtasa)
Now move this file into your internal storage Android/data/here
for video tutorial scroll down
Gta 5 visa 2 download for android apk

More screenshot soon Video Tutorial


Q: My radar is not showing completely?

A: Move “Adjustable.cfg” file from:
Location where you extracted mod/VISAPatchFiles/Optional/VISA_2x2RadarFix/

Q: Where is No More Car Flip mod?

A: Copy “car not fipped final.csa” file from:
Location where you extracted mod/VISAPatchFiles/Optional/VISA_Bonus2/

Q: Franklin skin not working properly?

A: Franklin skin do not support all clothes, haircuts and tattoos
so you have to remove clothes, haircut and tattoo before you install visa.
But if you are too lazy to do this just copy these two savegames:

GTASAsf1.b is grove street Cj house,

GTASAsf2.b is Santa maria beach. from:

Location where you extracted mod/VISAPatchFiles/Optional/VISA_SAVE_FILE/
to: /Android/data/com.rockstargames.gtasa/files/
And load these savegames.

Comment your experience…
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GamingWorldLinks: GTA 5 Apk is now the most trending game that you can download on your Android device but now still there are very problems that people face during the installation of this game.

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GTA 5 apk+data or Grand Theft Auto 5 APK is still a beta version and it is based on GTA5 PC and Console Game. This game is a living proof that it’s realistic to make a quality, good analogue of GTA 5 for Android! Of all the diversity of the Grand Theft Auto clones, this is the most believable game- it’s not surprising. Los Angeles Crimes APK uses real models from the fifth part of the GTA Game.

Name GTA 5 Apk Download
Publisher Rockstar Games
GenreSimulation, Open World
Latest Versionv3.0
Size400 M.B.
MOD Features: Highly Compressed Version
PlatformsAndroid 4.0.3+

Note- This game is not an official development of Rockstar Games. The game is poorly optimized, so it will be difficult to run it on most smartphones.

Sm bus controller driver asus p8z77-v. GTA 5 apk beta version that allows you to appreciate all the delights of realistic graphics and see on your smartphone something that once flaunted on the most top-end computers and consoles of the latest generation. In this beta, there is a small area, where you can walk, ride cars and motorcycles, jump from the springboards, etc. This is a test version! There are no assignments and an open world. Only a small piece of land, some weapons and several vehicles in order to assess physics, graphics and plausibility with respect to the current GTA 5.

  • Better graphics in gta 5 apk
  • nice cars in beta development age
  • good graphics considering the size
  • complete gta 5 clone
  • highly compressed gta 5 version for android users

there are many more features of this game but these are all the main that you have to know in order to play this game. the graphics are really good and you will really enjoy a lot while playing this game. I have also made YouTube tutorial that you can see if you want to know how to play this game on your Android device and how to install it without any error.

gta 5 apk download for android

Game Studio Rockstar Games has already released for smartphones and tablets such video games as GTA Vice City, GTA III and GTA San Andreas. However, all of these do not bring her a proper profit, so she stopped developing their creations for mobile devices. It was decided to do it for independent developers who created and released the GTA V port on Android, and now everyone can download it. Since this very port was developed without any agreements and permissions, its creators do not have the ability to publish it to Google Play.

In addition, so far we are talking about the beta version of the game Grand Theft Auto V on Android, and therefore in its work, there are some problems that arise from time to time. In this regard, this SOFTWARE is simply not missed in the Google Play store, so you need to download it as an APK file.

The quality of graphics is at a very high level, so even on the top smartphones, it can slow down. Fortunately, you can choose the worst graphics settings in the settings, which will increase the frame rate to the optimal value. The more RAM your phone has, the better GTA 5 will work on it.

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