Magnetic Stripe Card Reader Software

The UniMag reader is an encrypted magnetic stripe reader that works with a wide variety of mobile platforms, including Apple, HTC, LG, Motorola, and Samsung devices. It allows you to use your mobile device to read credit cards, signature debit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards, driver's licenses, and ID badges.

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MagTek builds reliable secure card reader authenticators for mobile, countertop, and OEM digital transaction solutions. Our mobile payment offerings work in curbside, in-house pickup, and delivery payment environments. From payments to ID and access control, countertop devices are great for call-in ordering and on-location transactions. Our OEM solutions are designed for minimal development effort with maximum durability. And the MagneSafe Security Architecture protects transactions wherever they take place.

Magstripe software download
  • Stripe Snoop is a suite of research tools that captures, modifies, validates, generates, analyzes, and shares data from magstripe cards. The data is captured through different hardware interfaces (or stdin), the contents decoded into the correct character set, and then a CDDB-like database attempts to figure out what the contents mean.
  • – HP Engage One integrated magnetic strip reader (MSR) (integrated into the head unit as configure to order) – HP Engage One integrated 2 x 20 LCD customer-facing display (CFD), top mount – HP Engage One integrated column printer or standalone printer – HP Engage One 2D barcode scanner – HP Engage One biometric fingerprint reader.

Adding EMV chip acceptance is easier when SDKs and APIs are ready to download, developer tools have built-in key commands, and the whole device is host driven.


Android, iOS, MacOSX, Windows

eDynamo SCRA reads magnetic stripe and EMV chip cards and connects via USB or Bluetooth LE. The dual interface delivers compatibility for traditional Microsoft Windows computers in addition to certain Bluetooth LE compatible tablets and smartphones. Its optional case allows for greater flexibility between mPOS, POS, and other digital transactions.

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Usb Magnetic Card Reader Software

Perfect for environments where you need mobility, fast implementation with the least development effort, and maintain maximum security with hardware encryption.

Contactless acceptance is becoming the new norm in payment and digital transaction requirements. NFC allows for faster transactions with a quick tap.


Android, Windows

Magstripe Software Download

Magnetic Stripe Card Reader Software

mDynamo is an EMV chip card module that connects via USB with two optional auxiliary ports (SPI and UART) giving users the flexibility to add a variety of transaction and OEM payment solutions in a compact, modular design. The small form-factor makes it easy to integrate into designs.

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Perfect for environments where you are just getting started accepting payments or digital transactions with the least amount of certification. Secured by encryption these Secure Card Reader Authenticators (SCRA) and components are ready for your solution.

Magnetic Stripe Card Reader Writer Software

MT-215 Insertion Reader

Android, Linux, Windows

MT-215 USB card reader is a manually operated or push-in reader, which connects via USB (Universal Serial Bus) HID (Human Interface Device). Convert dmg font to ttf. This insertion reader is a compact magnetic stripe card reader, which conforms to ISO standards. Single or dual head configurations and non-encrypting.

Free Magnetic Card Reader Software

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