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Malcolm in the Middle is an American comedy television sitcom created for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The series was first broadcast on January 9, 2000, and ended on May 14, 2006, after seven seasons and 151 episodes.

Malcolm in the Middle is an American comedy television sitcom created for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The series was first broadcast on January 9, 2000, and ended on May 14, 2006, after seven seasons and 151 episodes. The font used for the title of the TV series is Cleanhouse.For the font used for the TV series logo in the opening credits, it is very similar to Funky Fresh, a font designed.

  • However, Malcolm ends up spending more time at the home of an upper-middle-class family who has hired him as their babysitter, but he learns that they were secretly videotaping him. He later blackmails the family to leave him alone and quits the job, also revealing a horrible secret about the family's wife.
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The font used for the title of the TV series is Cleanhouse. For the font used for the TV series logo in the opening credits, it is very similar to Funky Fresh, a font designed by Scott Yoshinaga and inspired by the brand lettering of the clothing brand Stüssy.

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Malcolm in the Middle
Season 6
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes22
Original networkFox
Original releaseNovember 7, 2004 –
May 15, 2005
Season chronology
Season 7
List of Malcolm in the Middle episodes

The sixth season of Malcolm in the Middle premiered on November 7, 2004 on Fox, and ended on May 15, 2005 with a total of 22 episodes. Frankie Muniz stars as the title character Malcolm, and is joined by Jane Kaczmarek, Bryan Cranston, Christopher Kennedy Masterson, Justin Berfield and Erik Per Sullivan.


No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
US viewers
(millions) [citation needed]
1081'Reese Comes Home: Part 3'Todd HollandMatthew CarlsonNovember 7, 200406-04-6027.1
Reese, as soon as he lands in Afghanistan, panics and deserts the army. He dresses as a local woman to help him get away, accidentally getting married in the process. Lois, having recovered from her mental breakdown and on a mission to find him, travels to Kabul, selling the family car to afford the trip and hiring locals for the help. Malcolm volunteers at a veterans' hospital to alleviate his guilt of making Reese leave.
1092'Buseys Run Away'Bryan CranstonMichael GloubermanNovember 14, 200406-04-6019.1
After learning that Dewey will be leaving their class, the Buseys run away and hide in the trees near his house, forcing Dewey to look after their needs. Unemployed Hal becomes the leader of a group of dimwitted body builders, eventually teaching them basic things, they do favors for him in return. Lois punishes Reese and Malcolm for their firework fiasco in the movie theatre. This causes both of them to believe Dewey told on them, so they try to entrap him, but they are punished even more when Lois overhears their plans.
1103'Standee'David D'OvidioRob UlinNovember 21, 200406-04-6037.1
When Hal and the garbageman get into a trash-dumping war, he enlists Reese's help to steal his garbage truck. Lois gets her job back at Lucky Aide, and fights against Malcolm in order to take down an offensive store display.
1114'Pearl Harbor'Peter LauerNeil ThompsonDecember 5, 200406-04-6067.8
Jessica (Hayden Panettiere), Malcolm and Reese's teenaged neighbor, tricks each of them into believing the other is gay. Reese and Malcolm get back at Jessica by giving Malcolm a hickey, which leads Lois to blame Jessica for it and punish her. Hal, tired of competing with a neighbor who always outdoes his Christmas decorations, decorates his house for Pearl Harbor Day. Dewey is writing a report on Hal being his hero, but when Hal rips his report because Dewey lied about him, Dewey does his report on Lois instead. After the neighbor outdoes Hal again for Pearl Harbor Day, Dewey reconciles with Hal and together they dump worms on the neighbor's decorations, attracting birds that knock all of the decorations down and defecate all over them.
1125'Kitty's Back'Peter LauerMatthew CarlsonDecember 12, 200406-04-6049.5
Kitty (Merrin Dungey) returns after having done everything imaginable and wants to return to her family, to Lois' dismay. Though Hal wants to forgive her, Lois refuses and orders Kitty to stay away from Abe and Stevie. Francis comes home and puts Dewey through the torturous 'Brotherhood Initiation', then teaches Dewey about a fool-proof way to get out of trouble with their parents. Malcolm helps Stevie write an acceptance speech for his etiquette award, but then gets into a feud over their mothers. Meanwhile, Reese gets a full-body sunburn so he can peel his entire body at once like a snake.
1136'Hal's Christmas Gift'David GrossmanAlex ReidDecember 19, 200406-04-6054.7
Hal and Lois are strapped for cash as Christmas approaches. Things get even worse when the now unemployed and broke Francis and Piama decide to come home for the holiday, and Lois gets into a car-crashing war with a woman. As a result, they decide that the Christmas gifts will have to be homemade this year. When the family makes much better gifts than Hal, he promises them that he's going to take them somewhere wonderful and drives around aimlessly looking for somewhere that's as amazing as he claims. Malcolm feels excluded when Reese and Dewey have fun together.
1147'Hal Sleepwalks'David D'OvidioGary MurphyJanuary 16, 200506-04-6075.4
Hal gets so stressed out over finding a 20th anniversary present for Lois that he starts losing sleep, which prompts Reese to try to brainwash his semiconscious father. A school bully nominates two of Dewey's classmates for student body president, and Dewey nominates the bully, sparking a bizarre three-way election battle. Malcolm takes up the electric guitar despite Lois' warnings that he will fail at it.
1158'Lois Battles Jamie'Steve WelchMichael GloubermanJanuary 23, 200506-04-6085.2
Lois begins to think she is losing her touch when Jamie seems too much for her to handle. When Hal realizes that Lois is losing her confidence, he brings Francis home in order for him to explain to Lois how was she able to have confidence as a mother. Lois finds out that Reese has feeding Jamie 'super energy soda'. The other boys bring home a diving board and Reese tries to think up the craziest possible stunt to pull with it.
1169'Malcolm's Car'Peter LauerAlex ReidJanuary 30, 200506-04-6105.2
When Malcolm spots a decrepit 1968 Plymouth Barracuda V8 in his neighborhood on sale, he instantly falls in love with it and purchases the car. He becomes so obsessed with restoring it that he ignores his friends, then becomes trapped within the car and nearly succumbs to carbon monoxide poisoning. Hal stumbles upon his hidden talent for hairstyling. Craig says he is taking time off to tutor his boss Fred's wife in golf, but Lois finds out he is actually having an affair with her.
11710'Billboard'Bryan CranstonRob UlinFebruary 13, 200506-04-6095.4
When Lois catches the boys vandalizing a billboard for a strip club, Malcolm alters the vandalism into a women's rights protest to avoid punishment, which sparks a colossal media circus. After Hal grants a TV interview, a woman from his past turns up at the faux protest. Reese, inspired by the giant billboard stripper who comes to life in his dreams, gives an impassioned speech about the objectification of women, while Lois tries to find a way to get the boys down without creating a wrath in front of the media. Eventually, Lois lies to the press that Dewey has a serious medical condition, and the police make them come down.
11811'Dewey's Opera'Linwood BoomerEric KaplanFebruary 20, 200506-04-6115.4
When Lois buys a brand-new king-sized bed, Hal thinks that her motive is to put more distance between them and refuses to sleep in it. Moved to tears by an opera he sees on television, Dewey is inspired to write his own operatic masterpiece based on his parents' quarrels, 'The Marriage Bed', which is turned into a school production. Malcolm and Reese build their own street luge board and Malcolm gets into a feud with a mystery rider who keeps forcing him off the road. When he makes a bet against the mysterious street luger, he is horrified to learn that it is Stevie and loses his bet. However, Stevie breaks both his arms in an accident. Jamie has his first crush, on a girl in a house across from the family's, but the girl becomes attracted to another boy.
11912'Living Will'Steve LoveJennifer CelottaMarch 6, 200506-04-6125.3
The indecisive Hal is named executor of his neighbour's living will and must decide whether to keep him on life support or pull the plug. The stress of making this life-or-death decision induces a psychosomatic paralysis of his upper body. However, Lois snaps Hal out of it when she reminds him that he made a good decision once by marrying her instead of Susan, leading Hal to uncover a third option. Craig asks the boys to teach him how to fight dirty since a bully from his childhood is coming back to town, which is revealed to be his own father, Mr. Victor Feldspar.
12013'Tiki Lounge'Peter LauerJay KogenMarch 13, 200506-04-6135.6
When Hal and Lois realize how little time they spend together, Hal turns the garage into a private tiki lounge where he and Lois can retreat. Things go smoothly until they feud over philosophical beliefs, eventually stressing out in the lounge. Herkabe cons Malcolm into joining the Booster Club, where he learns a lesson about taking one for the team, which helps him to reconcile Lois and Hal. Worried over having two geniuses in the family teaming up against him and believing that Jamie has the same intelligence as him, Reese suggests they team up.
12114'Ida Loses a Leg'Steve WelchAndy BobrowMarch 20, 200506-04-6145.2
During Grandma Ida's unwelcome visit with the family, she loses her leg while saving Dewey from a moving truck. Consumed with guilt, Dewey is determined to find Ida's leg and give it the proper burial. Francis begrudgingly becomes Ida's caretaker at Lois' admonition. He soon learns that not only do they both despise Lois, but she was responsible for leaving him at his grandmother's house. Malcolm and Reese get a new idea for a prank that forces them to stay awake for days on end to avoid the embarrassment of having their faces glued to the floor.
12215'Chad's Sleepover'David D'OvidioRob UlinMarch 27, 200506-04-6154.1
After Hal forbids Dewey from inviting his peculiar classmate Chad over for a sleepover, Dewey asks Lois instead. Malcolm and Reese find out that they are not as popular as they once thought, and plot 'revenge' on their classmates. Lois searches for the warranty papers on her 10-year-old blender that she wishes to return for minor infractions.
12316'No Motorcycles'Jimmy SimonsAndy BobrowApril 3, 200506-04-6184.2
When Francis and Piama choose to celebrate Francis' 21st birthday at the house, Hal is reminded of a promise he made to a young Francis after missing his son's play, involving a motorcycle trip. Hal and Francis sneak off and have a great time until it emerges that Francis has been attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, upsetting Hal, who is reminded of just how much he's missed out on. Lois and Piama finally start to bond over their anger towards their husbands. Malcolm, Dewey, and Reese are held captive in their own home by a bully who wants to beat one of them up.
12417'Butterflies'David GrossmanMichael GloubermanApril 10, 200506-04-6164.9
Malcolm discovers a man, Norm, living in the Lucky Aide. He agrees to keep Norm's secret as long as he provides Malcolm with tidbits on his new crush (Mandy Musgrave), a fellow Lucky Aide employee, until Lois finds out. Malcolm reveals too much information to the girl, making her think that he is stalking her. When Reese takes a job as an exterminator, he quickly learns that to drum up business he must infest the neighbors' lawns with caterpillars. He has a change of heart and begins to nurture them, only to be overwhelmed when they turn into butterflies and swarm on him.
12518'Ida's Dance'Steve WelchEric KaplanApril 17, 200506-04-6194.4
Lois goes over to visit Ida, but gets unpleasantly surprised by the 'St. Grotus Day festival', where Ida and her elderly friends make Lois miserable. Malcolm fails a music appreciation course, and reluctantly goes to Dewey for some tutoring. Reese and Hal secretly watch scary movies while Lois is not around, but it ends up revealing some unexpected secrets about both Reese and Hal.
12619'Motivational Speaker'Steve LoveRob UlinApril 24, 200506-04-6205.8
Reese begins hanging out with a pack of dogs who think of him as their new alpha leader. Dewey gets in trouble with Lois after she finds out that he is seeing another mom, and attempts to get her back with a huge tattoo on his chest. Hal accidentally becomes a motivational speaker for his co-workers, but drops it when he motivates a man into taking over his job.
12720'Stilts'Linwood BoomerMichael GloubermanMay 1, 200506-04-6226.8
After Lois and Hal are reminded of the tight budget they must uphold, Hal discovers one of the boys has been dialing a 900 number. His attempt to explain the error to the hotline's billing department turns awry when he forgets to hang up the phone one evening and finds out about it in the morning, incurring a whopping $800 charge. Reese takes a job at a research clinic that pays him to take experimental pills. Malcolm takes on a humiliating job at the Lucky Aide as a costumed Uncle Sam on stilts. Dewey discovers that Jamie is finding old jewelry Francis hid from Lois.
12821'Buseys Take a Hostage'David D'OvidioGary MurphyMay 8, 200506-04-6214.9
When Hal decides to attend his first annual Neighborhood Association meeting with Malcolm, he is strongly encouraged to take on the role of President. Malcolm sees a perfect opportunity to add some excitement to the community, but is soon appalled when he learns of Hal's authoritarian agenda. Francis takes on a new job as a camp activities coordinator and turns to Dewey for his input on some creative new games, only for Dewey to discover the games are actually for kids with intellectual disability. Reese has to study hard for his finals. He fails all of them on purpose and is forced to repeat his Senior year.
12922'Mrs. Tri-County'David D'OvidioGary MurphyMay 15, 200506-04-6175.2
The boys enter Lois in the Mrs. Tri-County Pageant as a joke. When they overhear the other contestants remarking that Lois doesn't have a chance of winning, they plot to help their mother take the crown. Malcolm is blackmailed into delivering love notes to a contestant for Herkabe, and Reese discovers that, according to the pageant manual's specifications, he is beautiful.

Cast and characters[edit]


  • Frankie Muniz as Malcolm
  • Jane Kaczmarek as Lois
  • Bryan Cranston as Hal
  • Christopher Kennedy Masterson as Francis
  • Justin Berfield as Reese
  • Erik Per Sullivan as Dewey


  • Craig Lamar Traylor as Stevie Kenarban[1]
  • Amy Bruckner as Zoe[1]
  • Cameron Monaghan as Chad[1]
  • Danny McCarthy as Hanson[1]
  • David Anthony Higgins as Craig Feldspar[1]
  • Emy Coligado as Piama[1]
  • Cloris Leachman as Ida[1]


In April 2004, Fox renewed Malcolm in the Middle for a sixth season.[2] Main cast members Frankie Muniz, Jane Kaczmarek, Bryan Cranston, Christopher Kennedy Masterson, Justin Berfield and Erik Per Sullivan return as Malcolm, Lois, Hal, Francis, Reese and Dewey respectively.[1] Masterson made fewer appearances in the season, and it was written into the storyline that he has been fired from the ranch he joined in season four.[3]


Broadcast history[edit]

The season premiered on November 7, 2004 on Fox, and ended on May 15, 2005 with a total of 22 episodes.[4]

Home media[edit]

The season was released on Region 2 DVD on May 27, 2013,[5] and on Region 4 DVD on September 4, 2013.[6]


John Leonard of New York wrote, '[T]hose of you who have followed Malcolm to a military academy, a dude ranch, and Afghanistan, through jury duty, hangovers, shoplifting, book clubs, hot tubs, and Oliver North, ought to know better than to doubt for a second the savage savvy of Lois in her solitary splendor. All in one, she is Mother Jones, Mother Courage, Mother Goose, Mother Superior—and Pol Pot.'[7] At the 57th Primetime Emmy Awards, the song 'The Marriage Bed' that was written by Eric Kaplan and composed by Charles Sydnor for the episode 'Dewey's Opera' was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Music and Lyrics. In the same ceremony, Kaczmarek was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, and Cloris Leachman for Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series.[8][9]

In 2019, Angelo Delos Trinos of Screen Rant included the episode 'Pearl Harbor' in his list, '10 Episodes Of Malcolm in the Middle That Aged Poorly'. He wrote, 'It’s not the show’s worst foray into risqué territory, but Pearl Harbor really belongs in 2004 when it first aired.'[10] In 2020, Ricky Fernandes da Conceição of Goomba Stomp named 'Reese Comes Home', 'Pearl Harbor', 'Dewey’s Opera' and 'Billboard' as among the '30 Best Episodes of Malcolm in the Middle'.[11]


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