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Nba youngboy songs free download
Dope boy (dope)
I’m straight out the Nawf, I came up sellin’ hard (hard)
Heroin (dawg)
I’m straight from the Nawf, I went and bought me a Dawn (the Nawf)
I jumped off the porch and went bought me a gun
We boardin’ the jet ’cause my dawg got a warrant
We don’t give a fuck, bring the stick, where we goin’?
I’m booted up off that Molly, I cover my gun
This stick got a ELO, my aim on point (on point)
Shootin’ that Glock give me pain in my joints (pew-pew)
We shoot a fifty-round drum, honey bun (bun)
I want two thousand, I want both of they tongues
I know how to handle it, bust on my damages
These niggas can’t run, we gon’ peel everyone
You know where I’m from, give a fuck how you come
Got a stick in the car and it sound like a bomb (boom)
I came in this bitch with a mil’ worth of cash (m)
Like Bandicoot, we ’bout to crash (crash)
No remorse, I put five through your dash (bitch)
Off the porch, bought a Porsche, then I drag
Out the building, them young niggas slide (slide)
Put up 30, now you do the math (fool)
If you seek on my son, I won’t hide (I won’t hide)
Bullets rain, we give him a bath

Nba Youngboy Songs Free Download

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