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Pycharm License Server 2019

Posted by Jabop on Thu, 29 Aug 2019 16:49:50 +0200

## This tutorial supports the latest version of Pycharm and other software in 2019.2

  • This tutorial is updated in real time, please feel free to use it. If a new version appears, Brother Pig will try to activate it at the first time.
  • Pcharm official website download address:

Pycharm License Activation Code

This tutorial is applicable to the full range of jetbrains available in this tutorial: IDEA, WebStorm, phpstorm, clion, goland, etc.

  • Configuration file modification is no longer directly modified under bin directory, but through pycharm modification
  • If the input code keeps popping up, go to hosts and remove the jetbrains related items
  • Activation problems can be scanned below the two-dimensional code, join the activation group for help!
  1. Permanent Activation: Recommended Priority, Permanent Effectiveness
  2. Validity activation: If you can't activate and are in a hurry to use it, this is an alternative activation scheme, simple and fast.

1. Download the new crack patch

Click on the link Download the patch file jetbrains-agent.jar and place it in the bin directory of the pycharm installation directory: / application/ (The location is optional, so you can delete the cracked file by misoperation.)

2. Enter the project interface

If you've used validity to activate before, you can skip this step. If you're a newly downloaded pycharm, you need to click 'Evaluate for free' in the activation window for a free trial, and then create an empty project, so you can go to pycharm's work page.

3. Modify configuration files

After entering the project interface, click 'Help' - > 'Edit Custom VM Options..' in the top menu bar of Pycharm. If you are prompted to create a file, click Yes.Add: -javaagent:/Applications/ at the end of the open editing window for vmoptions

Please check the patch path carefully.

Restart pycharm after modifying the configuration file Restart pycharm after modifying the configuration file Restart pycharm after modifying the configuration file

If pycharm cannot be opened, then you can delete the Pycharm folder folder under this ~/ Library/Preferences/directory (which may be hidden, just copy the search path directly). If you can open pycharm, don't delete it.If this happens to Ubuntu, delete the path: ~/.PyCharm

4. Input activation code

After restarting pycharm, click Help - > Register.. in the menu bar. There are two ways of activation:

1. Choose the last way to activate License server and fill in the address: http://jetbrains-license-server (Should fill in automatically) or click the button: 'Discover Server' to fill in the address automatically and complete activation

2. If the server activation mode can not be activated, you can also choose Activation code mode to activate, copy the activation code below.

5. Check expiry date

When you're activated, PyCharm will have a Registration bar in the lower right corner. The general content is: You copy is Licensed to XXX, which means you will tell you: Brother, you have activated successfully, and the license source of the activation code is XXX.

The steps to view the validity period are click Help - > About. Here you can see the version number, license source, validity period, and some environments of pycharm.

Server activation is indefinite, i.e. permanently valid

Activation code activation is valid until 1989

Pycharm Free Activation Code 2019

If there are problems with the validity period, you can first add activation group for help, you can also try using the validity period activation!

1. Modify hosts file

Add and to the end of the hosts file. Note that the hosts file has no suffix. If you encounter the problem of unable to modify or permission, you can replace the hosts file by overwriting.

After modification, please check whether the hosts file is modified. 99.99% of the reasons why the activation code can not be activated are that the hosts have not been correctly modified.

Windows system hosts file path: c: windows system 32 drivers etc Linux system hosts file path: / etc

2. Copy activation code

Pycharm Free Activation Code 2019 Free

Open PyCharm and select Activation code activation, then copy the Activation code below and click Activation. This Activation code is valid for 2020-03-11. You can pay attention to the WeChat public number: a naked pig or scan the two-dimensional code. Before the expiration date, I will push the new Activation code in the public number.

If you encounter unsolvable problems in the activation process, you can join the activation help group and seek help.

  1. Update the Permanent Activation Tutorial in 2009.04.07, support the 2019 version, patch source:, thank you!
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