Sonic Unleashed Full Game Download

Sonic Unleashed Full Game Download
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Sonic is one of the most well loved character in video game history, play this collection of fun Sonic based games and remember well your love for the fastest blue hedgehog in games.

Sonic Unleashed Free Online Game

Sonic unleashed free games

Sonic has been one of the mainstays of the video game industry since his first outing, taking on the ever present Dr Robotnik on the Sega Genesis/Megadrive way back in 1991. Since then he's been in multiple games with an expanded roster of allies and an ever growing stable of villains. Over the years Sonic has been joined by his co-hort Miles Powers, a fox with two tails used for flying; Knuckles the Echidna, an echidna packing a mighty punch and Amy the Hedgehog, Sonic's female counterpart and long time crush. Together they've faced off against Dr Robtnik, a scientist bent on using animals to create robots; Robot Sonic, a robotic version of Sonic created by Dr Robotnik and Black Doom, a violent alien leader.

The Sonic games began life as some of the most celebrated platformers ever created putting you in the shoes of the eponymous hero, speeding along vibrant levels filled with evil robots and death defying obstacles. They have been highly praised for offering a mixture of high octane, speedy challenges alongside some more thoughtful platforming sections. Over time the series branched out into other genres, producing third person shooters, RPGs and racing games amongst others. The series has also had notable success with it's crossovers to another staple of the games industry, the Mario series. The two giants of old school video gaming have faced off in bother winter and summer themed Olympic titles.

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This Sonic Games collection may not be your usual fare as you can tell from the titles. Sonic Character Designer is pretty self explanatory, it's a fun little app where you can design your own Sonic character. In Sonic 3D Snowboarding you take the speedy hedgehog down a mountain atop a snowboard. Sonic Lost in Mario World is essentially Mario World but instead of playing as Mario you play as Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic Pacman is essentially PacMan but with a Sonic theme too it and the same is true of Sonic Tetris. Sonica is an incredibly awkward platformer with some confusing assets including a worm from the popular series Worms. Finally there's Ultimate Sonic, a fan made flash version of the classic Sonic the Hedgehog game.

All in all it's not a bad way to waste a while but the games development and graphical standards leave a lot to be desired. With most of the games lacking basic functions like a pauses button and titles like Sonica being a barely finished, infuriatingly claustrophobic affairs, this package might not keep you entertained for hours on end. If you're looking for a bit of Sonic fun though it's certainly harmless and well worth the few MBs of space it takes up on the hard drive.


  • A Bit of Fun
  • Full of Sonic Characters


  • Some Games are Barely Finished Products
  • Lacks a Lot of Basic Functionality
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With an exciting new storyline where day and night play drastically different roles, Sonic Unleashed will send Sonic on an unforgettable quest to save a dying world from the maniacal Dr. Eggman. Players find that Dr. Eggman continues on his mission for domination, but this time he’s upped the stakes by causing a catastrophic event that breaks apart the world and unleashes a slumbering beast that alters Sonic in unexpected ways. It is up to Sonic to use his newfound abilities to connect the remnants of a shattered world by finding the lost chaos emeralds. With the world divided and Sonic facing distinctly complex challenges, including new abilities and powers, the stage is set for a climactic battle for Sonic to save the world and himself!

Sonic Unleashed Full Game Download Pc

We highly recommend that you download Planetary Pieces: Sonic World Adventure Original Soundtrack instead of the game rips for better quality. We’ll leave these songs up for archive purposes.

The Game MusicLength
Download all Sonic Unleashed Songs in a 250.2 MB .ZIP fileXX:XX
01. Endless Possibilities4:08
02. The World Adventure – Title Screen1:33
03. Menu ~ Sonic World Adventure2:05
04. Media2:19
05. Opening ~ Sonic’s Assault on Eggman’s Base2:19
06. Opening ~ Werehog Unleashed2:49
07. Apotos Day5:30
08. Apotos ~ Windmill Isle Day5:08
09. Apotos Night4:47
10. Apotos ~ Windmill Isle Night5:25
11. Night Battle Suite10:54
12. Night Mini-Boss Battle4:55
13. Tornado ~ To Spagonia2:35
14. Eggman Boss4:39
15. Mazuri Day5:16
16. Mazuri ~ Savannah Citadel Day3:46
17. Mazuri Night4:56
18. Mazuri ~ Savannah Citadel Night2:34
19. Gaia Temple Music5:46
20. Restoring the Continents0:09
21. Spagonia Day4:42
21. Spagonia ~ Rooftop Run Day3:50
22. Spagonia Night4:48
22. Spagonia ~ Rooftop Run Night5:45
25. Dr. Pickle’s Laboratory0:22
26. Holoska Day5:06
27. Holoska – Cool Edge Day5:13
28. Holoska Night5:25
29. Holoska – Cool Edge Night4:56
30. Dark Gaia’s Spawn Boss4:34
31. Chun-Nan Day5:54
32. Chun-Nan – Dragon Road Day5:38
33. Chun-Nan Night7:10
34. Chun-Nan – Dragon Road Night6:03
35. Shamar Day6:10
36. Shamar – Arid Sands Day3:59
37. Shamar Night6:13
38. Shamar – Arid Sands Night3:59
39. Adabat Day3:54
40. Adabat – Jungle Joyride Day5:03
41. Adabat Night4:10
42. Adabat – Jungle Joyride Night6:09
43. The World Adventure – World Map5:43
44. Empire City Day4:45
45. Empire City – Skyscraper Scamper Day4:57
46. Empire City Night5:19
47. Empire City – Skyscraper Scamper Night4:05
48. Tornado ~ Route to Eggman Land5:49
49. Eggman Land ~ Theme of Eggman4:01
50. Eggman Land ~ Crimson Carnival Day4:27
51. Eggman Land ~ Crimson Carnival Night6:00
52. Egg Dragoon Boss5:09
53. Dark Gaia Phase 16:46
54. Dark Gaia Phase 1 (Running)3:13
55. Dark Gaia Phase 2 ~ Endless Possibilities Orchestra Version6:05
56. Result0:50
57. Dear My Friend6:06
58. The World Adventure – Full Version4:11
59. Result E1:02
60. Clear Fanfare 10:09
61. Clear Fanfare 20:10

. . .

If you are looking for direct song rips from the game, go here, however, we recommend that you get the Planetary Pieces version instead as it’s better quality and at the proper length. Plus, you’ll find the music from the cut scenes here.

Planetary Pieces Disc 1Length
Download all songs from Disc 1 in a 133 MB .ZIP fileXX:XX
01. Endless Possibility – Vocal Theme –4:11
Performed by Jaret Reddick from Bowling For Soup
Music & Arranged by Tomoya Ohtani
Lyrics by Jaret Reddick

/easypal-download-windows-7/. Vocals: Jaret Reddick
Chorus: Erik Chandler
Guitars: Chewtaro Moritake
Bass: Takeshi Takeda
Drums: Masayuki Muraishi
Programming: Tomoya Ohtani

02. Cutscene – Opening5:40
by Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
03. Cutscene – A New Journey1:35
by Tomoya Ohtani and Takahito Eguchi
04. Apotos – Day3:19
Fumie Kumatani
05. Windmill Isle – Day5:04
Tomoya Ohtani
06. Cutscene – The First Night1:03
Takahito Eguchi
07. Cutscene – Tails in Trouble!0:26
Takahito Eguchi
08. Intro: Windmill Isle – Night0:08
Fumie Kumatani
09. Windmill Isle – Night2:54
Fumie Kumatani
10. Apotos – Night3:03
Fumie Kumatani
11. Cutscene – To Spagonia!1:12
Takahito Eguchi
12. Tornado Defense – 1st Battle1:53
Fumie Kumatani
13. Mazuri – Night2:59
Fumie Kumatani
14. Intro: Savannah Citadel – Night0:09
Fumie Kumatani
15. Savannah Citadel – Night3:02
Fumie Kumatani
16. Cutscene – Same as Ever1:03
Takahito Eguchi
17. Cutscene – Gaia Manuscripts1:25
Takahito Eguchi
18. Cutscene – Eggman Again0:43
Hideaki Kobayashi
19. Cutscene – Sonic Appears0:13
Takahito Eguchi
20. Mazuri – Day3:00
Fumie Kumatani
21. Savannah Citadel – Day3:51
Tomoya Ohtani
21. Cutscene – The Egg Beetle0:45
Takahito Eguchi
22. Boss Battle – Day4:48
Hideaki Kobayashi
22. Boss Stage Clear0:11
Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
25. Cutscene – Temple Activated!0:17
Takahito Eguchi
26. Cutscene – Planet Pieces5:06
Takahito Eguchi
27. Holoska – Day3:01
Fumie Kumatani
28. Cool Edge – Day5:22
Tomoya Ohtani
29. Spagonia – Night2:42
Kenichi Tokoi
30. Intro: Rooftop Run – Night0:09
Tomoya Ohtani
31. Rooftop Run – Night3:08
Tomoya Ohtani

Planetary Pieces Disc 2Length
Download all songs from Disc 2 in a 143 MB .ZIP fileXX:XX
01. The World Adventure – Orchestral Theme –4:14
Performed by Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
Music by Tomoya Ohtani
Orchestrated by Takahito Eguchi

02. Gaia Gate1:57
by Fumie Kumatani
03. Chun-nan – Night3:43
by Kenichi Tokoi
04. Intro: Dragon Road – Night0:09
Kenichi Tokoi
05. Dragon Road – Night5:04
Kenichi Tokoi
06. Boss Battle – Night4:51
Hideaki Kobayashi
07. Cutscene – Eggman’s Idea2:44
Hideaki Kobayashi
08. Rooftop Run – Day3:55
Tomoya Ohtani
09. Spagonia – Day2:33
Kenichi Tokoi
10. Chun-nan – Day3:16
Kenichi Tokoi
11. Dragon Road – Day3:09
Kenichi Tokoi
12. Holoska – Night3:18
Fumie Kumatani
13. Intro: Cool Edge – Night0:08
Fumie Kumatani
14. Cool Edge – Night2:43
Fumie Kumatani
15. Cutscene – Project Dark Gaia1:13
Hideaki Kobayashi
16. Shamar – Day3:03
Kenichi Tokoi
17. Arid Sands – Day4:01
Tomoya Ohtani
18. Empire City – Night2:56
Fumie Kumatani
19. Intro: Skyscraper Scamper – Night0:08
Fumie Kumatani
20. Skyscraper Scamper – Night2:45
Fumie Kumatani
21. Shamar – Night3:03
Kenichi Tokoi
21. Intro: Arid Sands – Night0:08
Takahito Eguchi
22. Arid Sands – Night3:48
Kenichi Tokoi
22. vs. Titan & Big Mother2:42
Kenichi Tokoi
25. Empire City – Day2:39
Fumie Kumatani
26. Skyscraper Scamper – Day3:09
Fumie Kumatani
27. Stage Clear0:11
Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
28. Result Screen – E Rank0:45
Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra
29. The World Adventure – Piano Version1:29
Tomoya Ohtani
30. The World Adventure – Jingle0:12
Tomoya Ohtani

Planetary Pieces Disc 3Length
Download all songs from Disc 3 in a 121 MB .ZIP fileXX:XX
01. Werehog Battle Theme3:27
by Kenichi Tokoi
02. Adabat – Night2:36
by Kenichi Tokoi
03. Intro: Jungle Joyride – Night0:08
by Kenichi Tokoi
04. Jungle Joyride – Night4:31
Kenichi Tokoi
05. Adabat – Day2:22
Kenichi Tokoi
06. Jungle Joyride – Day4:51
Tomoya Ohtani
07. Cutscene – Chip’s Change0:54
Takahito Eguchi
08. Cutscene – Chip’s Memories1:20
Takahito Eguchi
09. Cutscene – No Reason1:47
Tomoya Ohtani
10. Tornado Defense – 2nd Battle1:54
Fumie Kumatani
11. Cutscene – Eggmanland0:54
Hideaki Kobayashi
12. Eggmanland Entrance2:19
Hideaki Kobayashi
13. Eggmanland – Day2:41
Kenichi Tokoi
14. Eggmanland – Night3:24
Kenichi Tokoi
15. Cutscene – The 7th Continent0:15
Takahito Eguchi
16. Cutscene – Congratulations0:39
Tomoya Ohtani
17. Cutscene – The Egg Dragoon0:39
Hideaki Kobayashi
18. vs. Egg Dragoon5:28
Hideaki Kobayashi
19. Cutscene – Dark Gaia Appears1:56
Takahito Eguchi
20. Cutscene – Shrines in Flight0:18
Takahito Eguchi
21. Cutscene – Hour of Awakening0:39
Takahito Eguchi
21. vs. Dark Gaia3:34
Hideaki Kobayashi
22. Cutscene – Dark World ~ Hope and Despair1:11
Takahito Eguchi
22. Cutscene – The Final Form0:41
Takahito Eguchi
25. Super Sonic vs. Perfect Dark Gaia3:45
Tomoya Ohtani
26. Cutscene – Annihilation0:23
Takahito Eguchi
27. Cutscene – Rekindled Light ~ Save the Speech2:14
Tomoya Ohtani
28. Cutscene – To the Surface1:09
Takahito Eguchi
29. Cutscene – Always0:41
Takahito Eguchi
30. Dear My Friend – Ending Theme –6:10
Performed by Brent Cash
Music by Mariko Nanba
Lyrics by Candie Y
Arranged by Takahito Eguchi
Co-arranged by Mariko Nanba

Sonic Unleashed Game Download

Steam games to download. Vocals: Brent Cash
Chorus: Yoshihiko Chino, marhy
Acoustic Piano & Programming: Takahito Eguchi
Acoustic Guitar: Naganori Sakakibara
Strings: “Daisensei” Muroya Strings

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