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Mar 19, 2018 FEATURES OF TINDER APP Before going to the guide how to download Tinder for PC / Tinder for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP or MAC OS computers.’ Let’s see the features Tinder app providing. Tinder is a free dating application and is available all over the world with GPS enabled. Tinder is the most popular online dating application with over 25 million registered users. Once you download Tinder for mac it will soon become your most favourite application to meet and greet new people. Tinder can be run on ios, windows and android.

Only a couple of decades ago, the average person would have turned their nose up at the idea of online dating being a widespread phenomenon, but now one only needs to look at Tinder to realize that the craze has not only taken hold, it works. If you’re tired of having to browse Tinder from your smartphone, Appamatix is here with a guide that will help you to access Tinder from your desktop or laptop Windows PC for free, whether you’re running Windows 7, 8, or 10. If your dating life feels a bit too intimate to keep being restrained to a few inches of a touchscreen, read on to find out how you can liberate it to your larger computer monitor.

Here’s the big detail that convinces most people that they can’t do this–there’s no official Tinder software for Windows or Mac computers. Stroll over to Tinder’s website if you don’t believe me, but you’re only going to find download links to the Apple iOS and Google Android version’s of the popular matchmaking app. It’s easy to see why some would be confused, and it’s also understandable that some would be immediately dissuaded by the promise that we can get Tinder up and running in no time, at all.

On top of that, the version of Tinder that we run on your computer is going to be 100% legitimate. You’ll be connecting it to your Facebook profile and can even manage the same activity between your smartphone and the version of Tinder running on your computer without any trouble. Sick of looking at Tinder members’ pictures on that tiny screen? I promise that you’ll find the entire service much more comfortable to browse on a larger screen.

We’re going to achieve this little magic trick through the process of emulation, which we’ve covered a few times on Appamatix in the past. Still, it’s easy to explain if the concept is new to you. Basically, emulation is going to allow us to create a “virtual instance” of the Android operating system right on your computer, through which you’ll download the official Android version of Tinder to install and use.

  1. Chat For Tinder is the first and only OS X app which lets you chat with your Tinder Matches. Simply log into your Facebook account that is linked to your Tinder Account and start chatting!
  2. Aug 21, 2016 Chat For Tinder is the first and only OS X app which lets you chat with your Tinder Matches. Simply log into your Facebook account that is linked to your Tinder Account and start chatting!

If it sounds complicated, rest assured–this process is actually fairly simple. Still, we want you to not only have an easy time but have a personalized Tinder experience by choosing the right emulator that suits your needs. Any of those that we’re about to discuss will work on Windows 7, 8, or 10, and many of them have Mac equivalents as well! Take that, proprietary Apple software design. Speaking of Apple, many users often wonder why we don’t just emulate the iOS version of Tinder as well, especially since not everyone is familiar with Android (I say this a happy iPhone user!) The answer lies mostly in the fact that iOS is designed only to run on Apple hardware, whereas Android is designed to be more flexible.

Emulating iOS is a headache and a half, and there’s no real reason for any independent development team to dedicate the time and energy to doing so. Android, on the other hand, is much easier to emulate, and you’ll find it to be a pretty widely used process when people want to bring their mobile experience to an actual computer.

Finding the Right Emulator

While you could technically pick any of the emulators below and use it, I feel that it’s important to pick the best software for you, rather than simply telling you which to download. All of these are top-notch software packages that will certainly emulate the Tinder app for you, as well as any other Android OS app that you’d like to throw at them.

Additionally, all of these apps are fairly lightweight, and none of them require a great abundance of hard disk space. I would recommend having approximately 3 gigabytes of free space available, to accommodate any number of Android apps that you choose to download, install, and use.


I’ll start the list with my favorite app–Andyroid. Though it’s not as colorfully marketed as some of its competition, I actually find that to be one of its most appealing aspects. Andy is streamlined and minimalistic, which means that the emulator itself won’t be intrusive to the apps that you’re downloading it for in the first place

Andyroid can be downloaded from the emulator’s website, and it’s free for you to use. The developers do a great job of keeping it up to date with the most recent release of the Android OS as well, so you’ll be able to keep up with those who use Android mobile devices.


This is far and away the most heavily advertised Android emulator online, and most emulation guides that you read will recommend Bluestacks as the software of choice. There’s a reason for this–it’s very good–but it relies a bit too heavily upon third-party advertising for it to dethrone Andy on my computer.

In spite of that, there’s a lot to love about Bluestacks. Even though it’s a flashy bit of software, it lives up to everything it promises, and will handle your Tinder needs without any trouble. As you’ll probably notice from the Bluestacks website, this emulator is marketed heavily towards Android gamers, but doesn’t let that dissuade you! It’s free to download and free to use, but if you want to remove the third-party software support, you’ll need to pony up for a slim subscription fee.


Looking for a no-frills emulator that will handle your Android apps with no fuss? That’s what you’ll find in Droid4X. Part of what helps it to differentiate from other emulators, though, is the way that it separates a few of the software’s key features into separate installations, even going so far as to allow you to use your mobile device as a controller for your emulator by way of an app.

Like the above two emulators, this one is free, too! The basic functionality is the same, and it falls somewhere in between Andy and Bluestacks, with regard to how minimalistic it seems in the way of the apps that you’ll be using it for.



Manymo is always the odd one out because it doesn’t actually require any software installation at all. Instead, it’s a browser-based Android emulator that only requires you to have the .apk (application file) of the apps that you’d like to run. It can emulate practically anything related to Android, and also does so at a varying number of resolutions, made popular by the many types of devices that the operating system runs on.

The only catch is that you won’t get much use out of the free version of Manymo. Without paying a subscription fee (starting at $9.99 per month) you’ll be limited to 10 limited-duration uses every 30 days.

Installing Tinder on Your Windows PC

Once you’ve picked out your favorite emulator from the list above (or any other that caught your eye, really), the next step is to get Tinder up and running. This will be the easiest part of the entire process, surprisingly, since it’s just as simple as installing Tinder no your mobile device.

Tinder App Mac Os X

First things first, though: if you don’t already have a Google account (a Gmail address), then you’ll need to make one before you’ll be able to access the Google Play store in your emulator. It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s free, and you might just find having an extra email address to be a little bit handy!

Once you’ve successfully booted up your emulator, click over to the Google Play app store. In case you missed it when I mentioned it above, this is a 100% legitimate and legal version of the Android OS that you’re running, and since you’ve tethered it to an actual Google account, every app that you download and install from the app store will be, also! Just search for Tinder, choose to install it, and you’re good to go! All of the app’s functionality that you’d find on a smartphone will be available on your laptop or desktop computer, as long as you’ve signed into the app itself.

Tinder App For Married People

Appamatix has written about Tinder several times before, and we’re a big fan of the fact that emulation can liberate your mobile app experience so easily. If you ever find that your Android emulator of choice just isn’t doing it for you anymore, don’t hesitate to give one of our other recommendations a try! Meanwhile, start enjoying the matchmaking services of Tinder a little bit easier, and stop squinting so much every time you’re trying to get a better look at the photos of all of your different matches.

Use the comments below to let us know what you thought of the guide! Hopefully, as long as you didn’t encounter any hiccups along the way you were able to download Tinder for your Windows PC, whether you’re on a desktop or laptop, and whether you’re using Windows 7, 8, or 10. We also hope that you managed to do it for free since many of the extra expenses for “premium” versions of popular emulators aren’t at all necessary for you to have a good Tinder experience.

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