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ESXi hosts are licensed with vSphere licenses. Each vSphere license has a certain CPU capacity that you can use to license multiple physical CPUs on ESXi hosts. When you assign a vSphere license to a host, the amount of CPU capacity that is consumed is equal to the number of physical CPUs in the host. vSphere Desktop that is intended for VDI environments is licensed on per virtual machine basis.

To license an ESXi host, you must assign it a vSphere license that meets the following prerequisites:

  • The license must have sufficient CPU capacity to license all physical CPUs on the host. For example, to license two ESXi hosts that have four CPUs each, you need to assign a vSphere license with a minimum capacity of 8 CPUs to the hosts.
  • The license must support all the features that the host uses. For example, if the host is associated with a vSphere Distributed Switch, the license that you assign must support the vSphere Distributed Switch feature.

If you attempt to assign a license that has insufficient capacity or does not support the features that the host uses, the license assignment fails.

You can assign and reassign the CPU capacity of a vSphere license to any combination of ESXi hosts. . You can assign a vSphere license for 10 CPUs to any of the following combinations of hosts:

  • Five 2-CPU hosts
  • Three 2-CPU hosts and one 4-CPU host
  • Two 4-CPU hosts and one 2-CPU host
  • One 8-CPU host and one 2-CPU host

Dual-core and quad-core CPUs, such as Intel CPUs that combine two or four independent CPUs on a single chip, count as one CPU.

Evaluation Mode


When you install ESXi, its default license is evaluation mode. Evaluation mode licenses expire after 60 days. An evaluation mode license provides the set of features that equals the highest vSphere product edition.

If you assign a license to an ESXi host before its evaluation period expires, the time available in the evaluation period is decreased by the time already used. To explore the entire set of features that are available for the host, you can set it back to evaluation mode, and use it for the remaining evaluation period.

For example, if you use an ESXi host in evaluation mode for 20 days and then assign a vSphere Standard license to the host and then set the host back to evaluation mode, you can explore the entire set of features that are available for the host for the remaining evaluation period of 40 days.

License and Evaluation Period Expiry

For ESXi hosts, license or evaluation period expiry leads to disconnection from vCenter Server. All powered on virtual machines continue to work, but you cannot power on virtual machines after they are powered off. You cannot change the current configuration of the features that are in use. You cannot use the features that remained unused while the host was in evaluation mode.

Licensing ESXi Hosts After Upgrade

If you upgrade an ESXi host to a version that starts with the same number, you do not need to replace the existing license with a new one. For example, if you upgrade a host from ESXi 5.1 to 5.5, you can use the same license for the host.


If you upgrade an ESXi host to a version that starts with a different number, you must apply a new license. For example, if you upgrade an ESXi host from 5.x to 6.x, you need to license the host with a vSphere 6 license.

vSphere Desktop

vSphere Desktop is intended for VDI environments such as Horizon View. The license usage for vSphere Desktop equals the total number of powered on desktop virtual machines running on the hosts that are assigned a vSphere Desktop license.

Managing the license on VMware ESxi and VCenter is one of main job for system administrator.After the installation of the product, you may need to add the new license to increase the capacity and you may need to remove the old license keys from the those products. Sometimes you may need to pull out the existing license keys for inventory purpose. Here we will see how we can manage the ESXi and VCenter server licence using VSphere Client .

How we can get the installed license keys of VMware ESXI servers and VCenter Server ?

1. Login to VSphere Client and navigate it home.

2.Navigate to Administration and Licensing .Here you can see the existing license of Vmware ESXI nodes and VCenter Server.

3.In order to install or remove the existing License keys , you need to click on “Manage VSphere Licenses” (Step:2). This will popup the below window to manage the VSphere License keys.If you want to add any new license keys , you can just copy & paste one by one.

4.The next step will be assigning the specific license keys to the products.In some cases, license may be purchased to run some limited VM’s and that needs to assigned to specific host.In this case ,you need to assign the license keys manually.For ESXi , you need to click on the first tab. The below window shows vCenter Server licenses(Second tab).If you want to remove any existing license keys ,you can remove it using the next step. Once you have done,you click on the confirm changes.

5.You can also extract the reports from the reporting tab. (Refer Image Step:2). Once you click on the reporting tab , you will get window like the below one.You can just click export to get the details in Excel sheet.It provides complete usage details of the installed license details.

when we are talking about VSphere licensing , i just want to let you know about the free license of ESXi and vCenter Server. VMware offers 60 evaluation period for vCenter Server and ESXi .So you need to search for free license keys of Vmware ESXi and vCenter server . You can install and test these products with complete features for 60 days. After 60 days ,you may need to install the license keys to keep working on these products. vCenter will not allow to administrate the ESXi nodes after 60 days without valid license keys.

The below tables provides the licensing requirements of newer version of VMware ESXi and vCenter Server.

ata Center Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure
Existing product versionVersion to be upgraded toIs a new key required?The SnS Contract for the product is active, can the license key be upgraded in My VMware Portal?
vCloud Suite (Standard, Advanced and Enterprise)5.15.5NoThe existing license key also unlocks version 5.5
5.5NoThis is the latest version
vSphere or ESXi (Essentials, Essentials Plus, Standard, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus)4.x5.0 or 5.1 or 5.5Yes
55.1 or 5.5NoThe existing license key also unlocks version 5.1 and 5.5
5.15.5NoThe existing license key also unlocks version 5.1 and 5.5
5.5NoThis is the latest version
vSOM – vSphere with Operations Management (Standard, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus)5.15.5Yes
5.5NoThis is the latest version
vCenter Server (Standard and Foundation)4.x4.x or 5.0 or 5.1 or 5.5Yes
55.1 or 5.5NoThe existing license key also unlocks version 5.0, 5.1 and 5.5
5.15.5NoThe existing license key also unlocks version 5.1 and 5.5
5.5NoThis is the latest version

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Vmware Free License Key

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Vmware Vcenter 6 License Key Generator Free

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