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Basically, I remember a very prevalent screensaver that I remember most people I knew having on their Windows 98 or younger computers. It wasn't just my parents, either. I grew up on a street with a bunch of kids my age (I was born in 1992 to give perspective), and each of their parents had this stupid screensaver.

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Beautiful women in bikinis rendered with amazingly high definition quality so you can see every detail. If your the kind of guy who loves breathtaking the breathtaking beauty of women in bikinis then this is the screen saver app for you.


Windows 98 Plus

This screen saver supports multi-monitors (up to 8) and contains 4K high definition background images. /el-capitan-cursor-pack-for-windows/.

Windows 98 Plus Sounds

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Windows 98 Plus Pack

Upgrade to Bikini PLUS and get more features.

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