Witcher 1 Save Game Editor

  • Now I have played the witcher 2 before but I really want to play it again. However I have no idea what happens in the first game. Basically I am asking is there a save game creator for TW1 that I can import into 2? Also as a side question is there a detailed summary of the first game.
  • The Witcher: Enhanced Edition v1.5 +1 TRAINER; The Witcher: Enhanced Edition v1.4.5.1303 +12 TRAINER. File Archive #2 3.5 MB - Game Editor - Added.
Witcher 1 Save Game Editor

Witcher 1 Save Game Editor Download

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Quest editing in Witcher 1
Hey there!
I have purchased Witcher (1) from GOG and have become a very unproductive member of society.
Anyway, I'm fairly advanced into Chapter III, but I wanted to redo the Dandelion's Lute quest. So, I realise I have to unpack the savegame file using TWEditor (which I already did), then editing the quest file with the Djinn thing, then repacking the savegame file. What I don't know exactly is /what/ I need to change once I open the file in Djinn. Anybody care to enlighten me? Many thanks!
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Alright, time for a guide on how to mod The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. This guide will be quite different from my “” because I haven’t been able to check a whole play through with these mods.takes place almost immediately after the events of The Witcher. The games features a less linear storyline, with three independent plot lines, leading to the multiple endings. A year later, CD Projekt RED released the Enhanced Edition of The Witcher 2, featuring over 10GB of new content, including 4 hours of gameplay and 36 minutes of cinematics including a new intro created by Platige Image and outro. But they also made a totally new arena mode and a new tutorial, and fixes to gameplay and the interface.Note: This guide is for the steam client. What I mean with that is that my examples of file locations are based on the steam version of the game. GoG uses other names for the map where it installs The Witcher 2 (It would be weird is GoG installed a game in the map called “SteamSteamAppscommonthe witcher 2” hu). If you are using a GoG version, just change the location of my examples to your folders and you should be golden.Graphics Overhaul: We start off with a mod that replaces all of the environment textures with new, high res textures.: The Witcher 2 takes place in a world with a beautiful nature.

My question is simple: has a save game editor for this game been released as of yet? I have been checking the Witcher 3 Nexus and googled around for quite a bit, but found nothing. Elaboration for people not familiar with the concept: A save game editor is usually a separate program which lets the player edit a save game file. Par exmple, you can add items to your inventory, change your HP. Yureka: Hello is there any chance of having a save game editor for the Witcher 2 please? Yeah, it should be mandatory for games like this and the mass effect series. Why import saves when you can just choose all the options from the previous game? This is my favourite topic.

Extreme Quality Flora gives nature the beauty it deserves by increasing the grass and tree moss rendering distance. Also included are full detail bushes/shrubs over entire fields, maximum quality trees at any distance and the wind influence on the flora as far as you can see. The mod also eliminates the grass pop-in completely. This all has of course a huge impact on your FPS. So if yo: This bug was introduced with the enhanced Edition of the Witcher 2.

Witcher 1 Save Game Editor

White grass seems to be only loaded 2-4 feet in front of you. Just a mod fixing this issue.: A fix for the mod above, since that one didn’t included the grass of Vergen.: At the end of The Witcher 1, I got hit quite a few times. When I came across this mod, I like the damage that Geralt has because of the last battle in The Witcher 1. Geralt isn’t a god, so I like it that he also has some damage.Mechanics: This little mod makes the HUD much more useful. Dynamic HUD reduces the HUD Elements, but also fades in & out HUD Elements when engaged in Combat (or outside). Extremely useful!: To be honest the text used in The Wichter 2 is incredibly small.

The pure white text on dark background doesn’t really help much either.This mod changed the size & color of all the UI text, from the Main Menu to NPC One-liners to the Journal.: CEO completely alters all the statistics of every equipable item in the game, to bring a more balanced difficulty curve that steadily starts going down once you’re finishing up the first act. This mod goes hand in hand with Better Combat. NOTE: Due to the changes CEO applies to Mutagens, the Tutorial section of the game can not be completed.

Not many use CEO for their first play through and fewer still choose to go through the Tutorial every time they start a new game, but here’s your disclaimer: If you want to play the Tutorial of the game, do it without CEO installed.: A mod to further improve combat and magic. Since this mods works wonderful together with CEO, we couldn’t miss this one.: Simple mod that allows you to combine lesser mutagens into more powerful ones (e.g. Three Minor Mutagens of Power gives one Mutagen of Power).

Combining requires also some additional ingredients.ArmourFor this next section I am going to give you a lot of screenshots. Because there are a lot of different looks for the same piece of armour, you can now personalise your next play through of The Witcher 2. There are mod that alter the same file, those will be marked by Roman numbers. You have to choose one of those mods, because both together won’t work.:(I):(I):(I):::(II):(II):(III):(III):(III):(III)::::: This one contains 2 retextured armours::(IV):(IV):::::::::::WeaponsHere it is the same as for the armour part. I’ll give you the screenshots from the author, you are free to choose either you want them or not.::Quest: After you have finished The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, you might want to install this mod. It’s a new quest for the Witcher, but I haven’t had the time to play it.

But it seems to be good.ENBLast part are 2 ENB’s. An ENB gives a huge visual improvement, but at the cost of FPS. So only use one if your computer can handle it. Be sure to check the mod pages, to see which one you like and download that one. Emson super sewing machine user manual.

There is an installation guide for each one below.::Still not sure for Requiem, check then or.Installation OrderYou should have a map called “CookedPC” in your Witcher 2 folder (C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonthe witcher 2CookedPC). If not, make that folder. The next list is the download and installation order as I did it. Once again, this part of the guide is not completely tested for the whole game.

So, IF you run across problems, please tell it in the comments.Note: Due to compatibility issues I have removed the mod FCR. This means the shown screenshots might be different then what you have. – Download: CEO – unpacked and Mutagenology – CEO-compatible – Installation: Extract the CEO- unpacked-89-1-6g.rar file. Place the content of that in your “the witcher 2” folder, not inside the CookedPC folder. You should merge both CookedPC folders. After that do the same for “ Mutagenology – CEO-compatible” and when asked to overwrite, say “Yes”.: – Download: Better combat for EE with Darkness – Installation: Extract the archive. Place the content of the “Better combat” folder inside your “the witcher 2” folder and overwrite the files from CEO.: No need to download or install this, we did this with the compatible patch of CEO.

Your “CookedPC” folder should look like this at this point in the guide:. & – Download: ComfyCouch v09b includes Dynamic HUD v12 from Comfy Couch – Installation: Extract and place it in the CookedPC folder. This file contains both mods.

– Download: Better Texture Environment and High Texture Weapons – Installation: Extract both and place the content in the CookedPC folder. – Download: The Witcher 2 – Extreme Quality Flora – Installation: Unzip the downloaded file. Go to the folder: C:UsersYourNameDocumentsWitcher 2UserContent.

Place the folders called “extremequalityflora” in that “UserContent” folder. – Download: CreativeModev06 – Installation: Extract the files the rar “Updated Battle Ravaged Geralt-21-1-2” from and place those in the CookedPC folder. – Download: MAin – Installation: Extract in the CookedPC folder. Overwrite when asked. – Download: Grass color fix for Vergen – Installation: Extract in the CookedPC folder. Overwrite when asked.

For all the armour and weapon texture mods, it’s the same prinicple. Download the version you like and extract the content of that file in your CookedPC folder. When asked to overwrite, say “yes”. This concludes the download/installation guide for the mods. Now we have to configure the game a little bit. We are going to increase the standard rendering distance of both foliage and mesh! Makes will bring out the most of the game.

First, open documentsWitcher 2Config folder. Open the “User.ini” with a notepad editor.

Look for the header Rendering, and search for the following two fields:. FoliageDistanceScale=. MeshDistanceScale=. If they’re there, edit them. If they’re not there, add them. And in either case, make them look like this.

FoliageDistanceScale=3. MeshDistanceScale=3. Save the file and close. The standard settings is 1. 3 is a nice improvement and offers a great balance between look/performance. But if you wish to improve your frame rate, you can use 2 instead. Or if you want to render even further, try 5.

Note: if you ever open up the config menu in The Witcher 2’s launcher, make changes and save, you may need to redo this step in the User.ini file, as the launcher config has a tendency to overwrite custom data. Your CookedPC folder should look like this. Before you start, you have to activate the mods in the launcher. Start The Witcher 2 Launcher and click on Mods, select everything and click “Save and run”. – Download: Kinship of the Wolves – Installation: I strongly recommend installing this one AFTER you have finished the game, because it conflicts with EQF.

Unpack the mod files to: “/Documents/Witcher2/UserContent” directory;. Open “UserContent/KotW/strings” folder and copy the file that matches the language of SUBTITLES of your Witcher 2 game;(e.g. If your game’s subtitles are in french, copy “fruser.w2strings” file.

If you’re not sure what file to copy, choose “enuser.w2strings” file and make sure that your subtitles language is set to english).Mod is in english only, but this “.w2strings” files pretend to be in your chosen language. Paste the copied file to “/Program files/Witcher2/CookedPC” directory. “Kinship of the Wolves” adventure should be now available in the “Mods” section of the Witcher 2 launcher.

S1aver November 21, 2015 at 19:37As far as non-graphic mods go check out the Enhanced Mod Compilation, it’s absolutely essential and you’ll never go back to playing without it. It doesn’t really change the core gameplay it just fixes all the major annoyances of the game, and is really the only mod I use. It’s very configurable but it can do stuff like:-like adding categorize tags in front of an items name so they get grouped together and your inventory isn’t such a mess.-autoloots corpses and collectible items glow without using the medallion.-changes weight of all items to 0. So you don’t have to keep running back and forth from your storage, which is infinite anyways.(note: This this should be used with autolooting, which only autocollects 0 weight stuff.)-Reduced medallion delay to every 2 sec.

Install the latest to fix bugs and remove DRM. Modifications No Intro Videos The skips all intro videos except the logo by CDProjekt.Market Price Mod makes buying and selling prices within markets more fair to the player. It reduces the 24:1 ratio between buy to sell prices and reduces it to 5:1 as seen in the original game.Text size For people having problems with the size of text on large resolutions or on small displays, getting any variation of the, and placing the.dzip in the CookedPC folder will make it bigger and more visible.Semi-Official Combat Mod By CDP developers is a mod created by the developers of the game.

It includes many changes, including an 80% increase in responsiveness per Geralt's animations and decreased time for returning to exploration after combat. The file is 1.5 GB in a compressed format.Texture mod contains over 1000 original environmental textures enlarged x4 (ie. 512x5122048x2048, up to 4096x4096) in AI Upscaled Enviromental Textures x4 version.Utilities. allows for the easy backup, management, and removal of The Witcher 1 and 2 save files.

Can tremendously improve the clutter of savegame files. allows for greater customization of graphics options to further tailor your game for the PC. Also has helpful tips for improving performance on some computers as well.Game data Configuration file(s) location. No frame rate or refresh rate cap.Anisotropic filter The Anisotropic Filter can be activated from the control panel of AMD ( Catalyst Control Center) or from the control panel of NDIVIA ( NVIDIA Inspector) but the impact on the performance when placing AFx16 is evident in medium/low computers.

The difference between the disabled AF, x4 and x16 is shown in the next three images. The difference between 4 and 16 samples is minimal, but you can see how the detail is clarified in the rock and in the grass near Geralt:. TweakGuides has created a for fixing issues in this game. Continued Stuttering During Gameplay There are two possible causes for this issue:. Incorrect texture settings.

Launch the game and navigate to the 'Options' menu on the launcher. Locate the option for 'Texture Memory Size (MB)'. This is how much of your graphics card RAM is allocated to texture storage.

For a 512 MB card, it is recommended set this to 'Small', whereas for a 1 GB card set this to 'Large'. Allocating insufficient memory for texture storage can result in delayed texture rendering and constant stuttering during gameplay. Rendering too many frames in advance.

To fix this use your GPU configuration panel to manually set the value of 'Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames' (Nvidia) or 'Flip Queue' (ATI) to 1. You may also need to limit frame rate and/or enable Vsync.First Time Setup Lock The game attempts to reinstall the Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 every time the game is launched.Option 1: Registry Change (recommended).

Option 1: Registry Change (recommended) citation neededOpen Notepad, and enter this code:;For 64 bit systems (x64)Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00HKEYLOCALMACHINESOFTWAREWOW6432NodeValveSteamApps20920'DirectX'=dword:00000001'VCRedist'=dword:00000001'dotNetFx40'=dword:00000001;For 32 bit systems (x86)Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00HKEYLOCALMACHINESOFTWAREValveSteamApps20920'DirectX'=dword:00000001'VCRedist'=dword:00000001'dotNetFx40'=dword:00000001Save as a.reg file, and then double click on it.Option 2: Folder rename. Patch 2.1 Error citation neededPatch 2.1 is meant to fix communication between the game and the Witcher forums arena leader boards. Since the update, many people have experienced an error that says The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000142).

There are a few ways to fix this. If you are using GOG.com or retail version, just reinstall the game and do not update to 2.1. If you are a Steam user, try-.

Witcher 1 Save Game Editor Software

Reinstalling the Microsoft.Net 4. Check your system for any browser toolbars installed. Uninstalling certain toolbars has been known to fix this issue. Some common ones are -. Jzip.

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The Witcher 2 Save Game Editor Download

searchqu. Bearshare. iLivid. Other torrent (like the Pirate Bay or RARBG) or search barsBlack Screen During the Cut-scene after the First Chapter (Enhanced Edition).

The game fails to launch with the following error:There were errors compiling scripts. Unable to run game. Maybe some selected user packages are incompatible? Gamequestquestfunctions.ws2282: parse error, near ' gamescenescenefunctions.ws1794: parse error, near '.

Download. Unzip the file and replace 'The Witcher 2CookedPCbasescripts.dzip'Nvidia Ambient Occlusion Flicker When using ambient occlusion forced through Nvidia Inspector, there is a noticeable flicker while moving around, this is caused by higher-detail meshes being loaded in. To fix this issue, in the user.ini under the 'rendering' section, increase 'MeshDistanceScale' to a much higher value; e.g.: 'MeshDistanceScale=100'.

Witcher 1 Save Game Editor

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Witcher 1 Save Game Editor Free

This will also reduce non-AO related pop-in and in general make distant objects look better. Note that this potentially has a performance impact, test different values to see what works best on your system.Other information API.

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